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Volume 19 • Number 1 • Summer 2002

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Speaking Proper English

20 years of “Study in England”

Bob and Mary Evans gave us this snapshot of the first Study in England group taken in Birmingham, England in May of 1982 ( left), and 20 years later in Duluth (top right). And while we are showing Study in England Program photos, we might as well show you the second year reunion of the 1999-2000 group (top left).

1981-1982 England 20th Reunion (left) Seated: Lee Bjerk, Bridget Sivanich, Jim Griffin, Tracy Zank, Jerry Bentley and Lori Harris Ward. Standing beside steps: Mary Evans, Don Ireland, Jarrow Wahman. First standing row: Sheryl Green Abell, Scott Cover, Dan Cook, (back) Ed Favorite, Denny Cameron, Julie Berger Engebratson and Bob Evans. Back row: Chris Dreis, Ken Fischer, J.R. McConnell, Bob DeBoer, Andrew Hine, and Kerry Fillmore.

1999-2000 England Reunion (top left) Standing in back: Katina Eklund, Sharon Larson, Tara Haynes, Adrienne Milan, Marilyn Russel-Bogle, Bob Evans, and Abby Wallin. Row in front: Lisa Crosby, Jeremy Rubel, Stefan “Denis” Novobilsky, Tom Denaway, Jeanna Thyen, Judy Trolander, Mary Evans, Anton Mett, and Nick Slattery. Left side floor: Katie Carlson, Liana Kerzman, Jay McBain, Jillian Forte holding Aurora and Missy Peschiman. Right side working forward: Eric “EZ” Antonson, Amy Softich, Ryan Bernard, Mary Bue, Lee Ann Akevik, Jen Wren, Ronnie Eastling, Jamie Block, Shannon Wahl, and Mike Geronime.
1981-1982 Study in England group(bottom left).

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