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Volume 18, No. 2, Summer 2001

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We remember the friends of UMD who have left us

Delores M. Anderson, of Cloquet, MN, died in February. Delores worked for Diamond Brands, Northwest Paper Co, and for several years, she owned and operated Hecter’s Restaurant.

Dennis Anderson, MA, ’64, died in December. Dennis, a resident of Duluth, received his Bachelor of Applied Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1960. Dennis received his Master of Arts in 1964. Over the course of his career, he was a program director for the Duluth YMCA, an English and Social Studies teacher, a high school counselor, an instructor at Michigan State University, and an assistant professor at UMD.

Katherine Anderson, ’74, passed away in April. After her graduation, Katherine taught in many area schools, including Denfeld, Morgan Park, Barnum, Meadowlands, and Duluth Central.

Dr. Stephen V. Ballou
, ’39, died in April. After graduating from UMD, Stephen earned his master’s degree and doctorate in education at Colorado University in Boulder.

Herbert Bowker III, ’87, died in April. Herbert worked for the Public Defenders office for 12 years as a paralegal and investigator. He was an active member of the Glad Tidings Assemblies of God Church.

Rose Marie Gustafson passed away in April. Rose Marie graduated from the Duluth Teachers College in the 1930s. She married Axel R. Gustafson in 1936, and the two of them raised their family in Duluth.

Hildur F. Hedstrom, ’35, died in October. Hildur was an elementary school teacher until 1942. After teaching, she became an active member in the community, as well as enjoying reading and writing.

Michael Kay, ‘74, died in March. Michael worked for Norwest for 25 years before becoming a financial consultant for Merrill Lynch in 1993.

Edwin Korcha died in February. Edwin was a former surveyor for the department of engineering for the city of Duluth. He was involved in education for 39 years. Korcha was a lifelong resident of California, but he spent most of his summers in Duluth or northern Minnesota.
Marjorie Korupp, ’70, died in February. She worked as a medical technician in Wausau Medical Center and Grandview Hospital.

Michael Lenz, ’98, was killed in March. Michael was a poet and teacher. Michael had just published his first collection of poems, entitled, Sympathetic Stone Age.

Roy H. Maki, ’49, of Crystal, MN, died in March.

Evelyn Mork, ’31, passed away in February. Evelyn was a former director of the Women’s Institute of Duluth and a member of the Arena-Auditorium Administration Board. Evelyn worked as a teacher and for the State Department.

Charlotte Munro, ’41, of Elk River, MN, passed away in December. Charlotte graduated as an education major.

Donald Pilipovich, ’53, died in March. Donald worked as a research chemist in Los Angeles for 20 years, then became the supervisor of a group of fluorine chemists. Later, he managed a computer software company with his son.

Marylina Price, ’78, of Duluth, died in December. Marylina taught in the Duluth public school system for 15 years. In 1991, Marylina and her third grade class were featured in the documentary Diary of Black Minnesotans.

Jonathan Rowe died in April. Jonathan was a teacher of natural resources, forestry, practical forestry, water resources, and horticulture at Grand Rapids High School. He was honored as the Minnesota Forest Educator of the Year in 1999.

Edward G. Schafer Jr, ’66, a former pitcher for the Superior Blues and the Duluth Dukes, died in April. After graduating, Edward became a successful architect, designing the Endion Station, the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, City Center West, the Senior Center in Superior and the Duluth Children’s Museum.

Beatrice M. Scharf, of Brainerd, died in April. Beatrice graduated from the Duluth State Teachers College and was a kindergarten teacher in Balsam and Grand Rapids for 36 years.

Robert Shelerud, ’63, passed away in April. Robert worked for US Steel, Conwed, and Superwood for 29 years. He enjoyed golfing, hunting, fishing, gardening, and art.

Mabel Sundstrom, ’64, died in March. Mabel updated her teaching degree in 1964 after graduating from the Duluth Normal School. Mabel was the encouraging teacher in Mavis Hiltunen Biesanz’s nonfiction novel, Helmi Mavis: A Finnish-American Girlhood.

Patricia A. Taylor, of Fargo, died in January. Patricia owned a catering business as well as being a den mother, and a member of St. Raphael’s.

David Wickstrom, ’60, passed away in March. David enjoyed skiing, canoeing and the outdoors. He was the manager of Simmons Precious Metals Refinery and worked for New York Life as well as owning part of the Animal Castle in Cloquet, MN.

John W. Yount died in December. John, a member of the Duluth community, was a member of the Local, State and National Association of Life Underwriters, and Arrowhead Estate Planning Council. In 1983, he created the financial service firm, The Yount Group, LTD.


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