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Volume 15 • Number 1 • Winter 1998


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At the Spring 1997 commencement ceremony, the alumni office looked for alumni moms,                 dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters of  graduating seniors. They found dozens of                               related alumni and chose a few to get to know a little better.


Ryan Patterson, who is now a personal trainer for Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth and his dad Mike Patterson hail from Aitkin, Minnesota. Mike, a 1968 grad, was an All-American Basketball player while at UMD. Judy, Ryan's mom, who met Mike at UMD said, "UMD years were great years of their lives for both of them."


Sara Hill from Duluth, Minnesota, graduated with a kindergarten/elementary education major and she is now teaching kindergarten in McGregor, Minnesota. "Landing the job happened fast," she said. "Eight days after I was called for an interview I was in the classroom." She and her brother Bryan both graduated from UMD at the same time. Bryan, who majored in business, finance and accounting, is based in Minneapolis with Coopers and Lybrand, an international accounting firm. Sara's mom, Barbara, and her dad,   Jim, both graduated in 1969.


Ryan Klingelhofer, an Annandale, Minnesota communication major and journalism minor, followed the footsteps of his mom, Pam, a 1969 UMD grad; his dad, Kirby, class of 1968; and his grandmother, Maud Klingelhofer, who after years of teaching went back to UMD to get her four-year degree in 1964. Ryan dreams of a career in outdoor environmental writing but for now he has been hitting the pavement, interviewing for jobs and waiting by the phone for offers.


Graduate Leah Rosen joined her two brothers, Rob '96 and Tim '92, as a recipient of the UMD Samuel and Brenda Singer Scholarship. Leah is shown with her dad, Marty '67, her mom, Toby and her brother Rob. Leah said she has been offered a substitute teaching position every single day since graduation. "I loved UMD. Sometimes I still wish I was there," she said. "The study abroad in England was a great experience. The opportunities it gave made me feel ready for anything."



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