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Volume 17 • Number 2 • Spring 2000

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Letter From Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin


We hope you enjoy this issue of the BRIDGE. Looking back at the history of UMD reminds us of all the faculty, staff and students who have built its reputation and made it the "great university on a great lake" that it is today.

Looking forward is as enjoyable as looking back! As we go to print, we still do not know if UMD will receive funding in this session from the Minnesota Legislature for our new Music Performance Laboratory. However, we already have funding from private donors for the planning stage and we do know the performance space is in UMD's future. I wanted to be the first to tell you about it.

The Music Performance Laboratory will form an "Arts Triangle" around Ordean Court. It will join the Tweed Museum of Art and Marshall Performing Arts Center as an arts hub for the campus and the region. We are looking forward to its open lobby, comfortable seating, and large performance space. The musicians will appreciate the green room, the rehearsal space, and the media space.

The Music Performance Laboratory will greatly enhance all music performances at UMD. Each year UMD music ensembles perform 100 concerts, with a total attendance of about 15,000 people. The new building will be used by the 100 undergraduate music majors, 24 graduate students, and over 450 performing ensemble participants. You can see how important this building is.

The new public performance area includes a stage with the ability to house a 70-piece orchestra and seating for an audience of 350, making UMD better equipped to handle large performances. In addition, the appropriate voice, data, and interactive television infrastructure will be in place. The building will accommodate a range of acoustical needs for both live performance and high-quality audio/video recording of events.  

UMD has commissioned the services of a local firm, Stanius Johnson Architects, to work in association with design architects Cesar Pelli & Associates from New Haven, Connecticut. Cesar Pelli is renowned world wide for designs as famous as the World Trade Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia and the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. The sketches on this page were prepared by Pelli for UMD.

This new performance space will be a flagship destination. Expect to see cultural and educational programs as well as internationally-recognized artists. The Music Performance Laboratory will be an immense asset to the university and we hope it will be here sooner than later.

Just a few brief words about other recent projects. The Duluth Technology Village has opened and is filling up. It has been a great move for the UMD Center for Economic Development. They located their office in the building last November and are offering training and business assistance to a record number of people and companies. Feel free to contact (218) 726-7298 or 1-888-387-4594 about relocating your business to Duluth.   

The library is a stunning building and will open in fall of 2000. When you come back to visit, make sure you take a walk through it. You won't be able to miss its copper dome; it can be seen from several places on campus.

Have a great summer.

- Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin



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