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Volume 16 • Number 2 • Spring 1999


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After guiding the UMD Bulldog football team for 40 years and 255 wins, legendary coach Jim Malosky has stepped aside. With a record of 255-125-13 and a .665 winning percentage, he won more football games than any other coach in NCAA Division II history. He ranks eleventh in career victories among all college coaches in all divisions.

For Malosky, who never missed a game, never missed a practice, and never missed a teaching assignment during his Bulldog tenure, the decision to retire has been a difficult one. Malosky suffered a mild stroke in May 1998 and a knee replacement operation in December. He recovered enough from the stroke to attend practices and games last fall but realized that if he returned to full-time coaching, he "couldn't run the ship the way he had in the past."

Malosky had a reputation as a rigorous hands-on coach. Visitors to a practice session could hear his loud gravely voice shouting at the players and they could see him doing calisthenics along with the team. Afterward, that same voice could be heard   joking with his team as they left the field. His strength was that he could build a first-rate club from the student-athletes who showed up for practice.

He had a unflagging finesse for winning so the decision to step down has been a hard one. "This is entirely my decision,"   Malosky said. "I could have come back for another year but what would I be going to prove."

Malosky, who grew up in Crosby, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota, was only the third coach in the 66 year history of UMD football.

So, as with all things, there is a beginning and an end. When fall rolls around, we know we will see Mo' back in Griggs Field enjoying his legacy -- another Bulldog victory.

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