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Volume 16 • Number 2 • Spring 1999


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Ken Moran: Four Decades of Memories

Ken Moran retire! It is hard to imagine UMD without its friendly and highly talented photographer. Everyone knows Ken Moran. Campus photographer since 1958 and a UMD graduate, Moran's encyclopedic knowledge of the campus is legendary -- he knows the pulse of the university. His work has combined imagination and initiative with outstanding artistic skill. Moran's photographs were central to UMD's centennial celebration appearing in an exhibition at the Tweed Museum of Art and in an illustrated history, UMD Comes of Age: The First One Hundred Years. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for UMD are apparent and contagious.

In addition to capturing important campus events on film, Moran has taught Continuing Education and Extension classes in photography -- his teaching skills have enriched the educational mission of the university. Moran's artistic achievements are widely recognized and his work has been published in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America and major exhibitions have been presented in the United States, Germany and China.

Moran's active retirement plans include UMD's University for Seniors. "You do NOT stop learning when you retire," he said. In fact, this energetic photographer is already planning UMD-sponsored photographic tours. Ken has no intention of ending his fifty-year career in photography and when asked to identify his best photograph he declared that he "had not taken it yet."

Happy retirement Ken!   We are delighted that your retirement plans include UMD and that your smile and enthusiasm will continue to brighten our lives and campus.

-- Cheryl Reitan and Neil Storch

Photographer Ken Moran caught the presidential presence on the UMD campus: Kennedy in 1963, vice president Humphrey in 1967 and Clinton in 1994 (Top Row - First 3 Pics). Capturing the mood of Lake Superior is every photographer's task. Moran caught the feeling of excitement and danger when the Socrates washed up on the Park Point shore during a 1985 November storm (Top - 4th Pic). The beauty of lake superior provides inspiration for Moran (Top - Last Pic) along with the elusive wilderness of the animal kingdom. A snow leopard and a polar bear at the Duluth Lake Superior Zoo and a Minnesota farmer's Scottish Highland cow all contemplate the photographer as he, in turn, contemplates them (Bottom - First 3 Pics). On campus, excitement was high when Jacque Lipschitz visited the Tweed Museum of Art to dedicate his sculpture of Daniel Greysolon Sieur DuLhut (Bottom - 4th Pic). "My favorite pictures are of my children," said Moran. This one of his swinging daughter (Bottom - Last Pic) tells as much of a story as his documentary work does.

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