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Volume 16 • Number 1 • Winter 1999


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UMD Faculty Members Make International Connections


Curt L. Anderson, professor, Department of Economics

* Served as a "Trainer of Trainers" in Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia, with the Economics International Program of the National Council on Economic Education.

Carol A. Bock, associate professor, Department of English

* Is collaborating with Christine Alexander, University of New South Wales, Sydney, on research regarding magazine reading by children in 19th-century England and Australia.
* Will present research on periodicals, young readers, and authorship in Victorian England at the 1999 Australasian Victorian Studies Conference at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

John Bower, assistant professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology

* Is collaborating with Michal Kobusiewicz of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Science (Poznan Branch) on a research project aimed at comparing the responses of hunting-gathering societies to the last retreat of the glaciers (ca. 13,000 years ago) in the North European Plain and the north-central United States.
* Is combining efforts with Audax Mabulla of the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on a project aimed at revealing the behavioral competence of the earliest anatomically modern humans, who are believed to have evolved in Sub-Saharan Africa.
* In collaboration with Enrique Alonso of the Center for Investigation of Technology and the Environment (CITMA), Cuban Academy of Science, Pinar del Rio branch, is conducting studies aimed at understanding how "new" cultural entities originate by examining the "birth" of a Cuban prehistoric culture in relative isolation.

Leif Brush, professor, Department of Art

* Became a new member of IRCAM's Forum Real-Time group in Paris in 1998. Using his Terrain Instrument sounds as the source, he has embarked on interactive works that will entail digital signal processing via the Internet, aided by jMax, MAX, M, msp, Cycling 74   software, MIDI, ProTools and Audiomedia III hardware.

Ron Caple, professor, Department of Chemistry

* Is continuing the 26-year collaboration with the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry and Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.
* Is conducting joint research effort in organic synthesis and investigation of natural herbal medicines in northern Vietnam with the Institute of Chemistry in Hanoi.
* Is collaborating with the Universidad de Pinar del Rio in Cuba to examine the chemistry of the bark of various Eucalyptus species unique to Cuba.
* Received the Honorary Doctor Causa degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Bob Carlson, professor, Department of Chemistry

* Completed his service as U.S. Chair of the Lake Superior Binational Forum, the International Joint Commissions (ITC) Advisory Group for the demonstration "zero discharge" program for the Great Lakes.

Aydin Yucesan Durgunoglu, associate professor, Department of Psychology

* Edited a book with Ludo Verhoeven of Nijmegen University in the Netherlands on literacy development in multilingual contexts. It includes chapters by colleagues from Scotland, England, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Pakistan, Denmark, Spain.
* Continues to work on the adult literacy project she has co-developed in collaboration with the Mother Child Education Foundation of Istanbul, Turkey.

Richard Green, professor, Department of Math and Statistics

* Visited the Mitrani Center for Desert Ecology at Sede Boqer -- a branch of Ben Gurion University in Israel and made presentations at the Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
* Collaborated with David Noakes, head of the Institute of Ichthyology at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, working with a fish -- the only vertebrate that is known to be a selfing hermaphrodite.

Arun Goyal, assistant professor, Department of Biology

* Worked on biotechnology projects with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
* Developed and coordinates PBASIO, a group of 600 international plant biologists working in the area of modern plant biology/biotechnology.

Thomas C. Johnson, professor and director, Large Lakes Observatory

*Served as director of the International Decade for the East African Lakes (IDEAL), an international, interdisciplinary study of the great lakes of the East African Rift Valley. Led two expeditions to Lake Malawi to recover sediment cores for a study of past climate change in the southern tropics of East Africa.

M. Reza-ul "Raj" Karim, professor, Department of Biology

* Is collaborating on research with Shahana Kazmi, professor of microbiology, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan, by tracking trends and analyzing new and emerging infectious diseases among people of differing socio-economic status in Pakistan.
* Is working with M.A. Rashid, professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, on the isolation, identification and effectiveness of plant originated anti-infectious substances in Bangladesh.
* Is collaborating with Osama L.M. Omar, with Omeran Pharma, Rheinfelden, Germany, on the storage, stability and quality control of plant originated anti-herpes virus capsules.
* Is collaborating with H.D. Luu, Institute of Chemistry, Hanoi, Vietnam, on isolation and characterization of active compounds of Vietnamese plants against Herpes Simplex Virus in vitro.
* Serves on the board of the Pakistani Society of Microbiology and on the advisory board of the Environmental Pollution Eradication and Agricultural Development Organization in Bangladesh.

Clayton Keller, associate professor, Department of Education

* Served as Fulbright Lecturer/Research Scholar at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Conducted a research project on Norway's policies and practices on the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms. Developed a project on the use of videoconferencing over the Internet to connect UMD and Norwegian faculty and students through live audio and video during education classes.
* Is sponsoring the visit of Christine Forlin of the University of South Queensland in Australia, a special education professor, during part of her study tour of the U.S. and the U.K.; Forlin will also teach in UMD's Educators' Institute in the summer.
* Sponsored the visit of Fusun Akkok, a professor in education at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, to teach in last summer's Educators' Institute.

Michael Linn, professor, Department of Composition

*Is working on an international project with Pekka Hyrvonen, the professor of English linguistics at the University of Joensuu, on the language of bilingual Finns in Northern Minnesota as they switch from predominately Finnish to predominately English.

Joe Maiolo, professor, Department of English

* Wrote the novella, A Boy's Tale, which has been translated into Italian by Donatella Elisacci under the direction of Gaetano Prampolini, University of Florence. Prampolini is a professor of American literature and has translated works by Edith Wharton and Peter Taylor. The manuscript, Il racconto di un ragazzo, is being considered for publication by Passigli Publishers of Florence, Italy.

Ron Marchese, professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology

* Collaborated research on survey in southern Turkey with the Austrian Institute.
* Conducted research on nomads in southern Turkey with a colleague from University of Iowa.
* Conducted research on Armenian church vestments and textiles from Istanbul in collaboration with a colleague from Western Michigan University and the directors of the individual churches of Istanbul.
* Has work which covers 30 years of archaeological survey and excavations in various areas of the Middle East. Has conducted evaluations of NSF and NEH grants in archaeology throughout the Middle East, ethnographic work in southern Turkey, national political commentary on various aspects of the Modern Middle East, and studies in late Byzantine and religious/secular textiles from the Armenian churches of Istanbul.
* Is conducting research on the conversion of Armenia to Christianity as they celebrate their 1700 anniversary in the year 2000!

Donald E. Maypole, professor, Department of Social Work

* Taught substance abuse courses to physicians, nurses, social workers and other human services personnel in Riga, Latvia's "Attistiba" (School of Social Development) which was founded in 1991.
* Worked with the faculty of "Attistiba" to develop the first-ever management training institute for staff in the recently developed non-governmental organizations in Latvia.

William Miller, director, Glensheen Historic Estate; assistant professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology

* With Russell Rothe, is mapping ancient caravan routes and examining economic exploitation of the eastern desert of Egypt from Edfu to Aswan between the Nile and the Red Sea. They are translating rock inscriptions left by ancient workmen for publication.

Linda Miller-Cleary, professor, Department of English

* Continues to conduct research on the literacy of indigenous people including groups in Belize, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, and the Aleutian Islands.

Gerald Niemi , professor, Department of Biology

* Is collaborating on research with several scientists in Finland covering the areas of conservation biology, avian ecology, and the environmental effects of logging.

Merry Jo Oursler , assistant professor, Department of Biology

* Collaborated with Niels Foged and Bent Winding at the Center for Clinical and Basic Research, Ballerup, Denmark, on identification of paracrine factors involved in the progression of metastatic breast cancer in bone.
* Collaborated with Alberta Zabonin-Zallone, University of Bari, Italy to study the effects of growth factors on human bone resorbing cells.

John Pastor , professor, Department of Biology and the Natural Resources Research Institute

* Applied diffusion theory to animal foraging strategies with Keith Farnsworth of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.
* Served as visiting professor in the Department of Animal Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea, Sweden, working with Kjell Danell on effects of moose and reindeer on vegetation and ecosystem properties.

William Payne, assistant professor, Department of Theatre

* Will co-produce and direct the Jose Rivera play Cloud Tectonics in Mexico City in April, 1999. Payne and the American Theatre Company received an award for the production from the U.S.-Mexico Fund for Culture.

Jon L. Pierce, professor, Department of Management Studies

* Developed a theory of psychological ownership, its genesis, emergent processes, and consequences within the work and organizational context with Kurt T. Dirks, at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.
* Conducted research on differentiating the role played by self-esteem and self-efficacy in relation to work in organizations with Robert E. Wood at the Australian Graduate School of Management, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, and Donald G. Gardner at the University of Colorado.
* While visiting a scholar at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, collected data in seven New Zealand organizations to examine the effects of work environment structure on psychological ownership and employee acts of organizational citizenship behavior.

Alexis Pogorelskin, associate professor, Department of History

* Worked with two colleagues at Petrozavodsk University: Irina Takala and Alexander Pashkov. The areas of mutual interest include "Karelian Fever," the recruitment of North American Finns to the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, and problems in the political and cultural history of the Soviet Union.

Elizabeth Quintero and Mary Kay Rummel, associate professors,
Department of Education

* Jointly produced Global Culture and Community: Links to Classroom Practice, documentary films of exemplary teachers at work in their classrooms and interviews with teachers in New Zealand, Ireland and the U.S.

George "Rip" Rapp Jr., Regents' Professor of Geoarchaeology, Archaeometry Lab, Department of Geology

* Is working with UMD's Zhichun Jing and the Chinese Institute of Archaeology at Anyang, China, the most important Bronze Age site in all of east Asia. The project involves extensive archaeological survey (including core drilling), excavation, geoarchaeology, and various specialized studies in palynology, paleoethnobotany, paleopathology, ceramic petrography, and some exciting DNA studies.
* Is working as geologic director with Jing, Harvard University and the Chinese Institute of Archaeology, on what may be "The Great City Song" from the Eastern Zhou period in Shangqiu, China.
* Is working on joint excavations with the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute at the Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age site of Sotira Kaminoudhia in southwestern Cyprus.
* Is conducting field work on coastal change around archaeological sites in Elis Greece, the silting in of the harbor at Ephesus and archaeology in Troy, Greece.
* Is conducting field work in Nikopolis, Greece, on a site named "Victory City," built by Octavian to celebrate his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra for control of the Roman Empire, in cooperation with Boston University.
* Is conducting research with the Max-Planck-Institute in Heidelberg and the University of Freiberg, Germany to determine the geologic sources of obsidian artifacts from Neolithic sites in Anatolia, the Aegean, and the Near East.

Paul Sharp, professor and head, Department of Political Science, and director, Alworth Institute for International Studies

* Is conducting research for the book Diplomatic Representation and International Theory and the book Difficult Hands: resident embassies in tight spots which is part of the University of Leicester/Macmillan series. Is writing a chapter for the book U.K. Prime Ministers and Foreign Policy, edited by Thomas Otte, Bristol University U.K.
* Wrote the lead article "Who Needs Diplomacy?" in the International Journal published by the Canadian Institute for International Affairs.
* Serves as chair and founding member of the Diplomatic Studies Section of International Studies Association. He is the co-convener of panels on diplomacy for ISA, British International Studies Association (BISA) at University of Sussex, U.K., Economics University, Vienna and Washington, DC.
* Made presentations at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomacy, University of Malta. He was also an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, Birmingham University, U.K.

David Smith, professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology

* Was invited, in 1995, by the Northern Studies Association of Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, to present a paper at conference of the leading scholars on animism and shamanism in northern Eurasia and northern North America.
* Had his work included in a volume entitled Circumpolar Animism and Shamanism published by Hakkaido University Press (1997).

Larry Thompson, professor, Department of Chemistry

* Invited by Gilberto de Sa to visit the Federal University of Pernambuco in Racife, Brazil where he presented a short course on Rare Earth Spectroscopy.

David A. Wyrick, head and associate professor, Department of Industrial Engineering

* Is working with Ph.D. candidate Lena Rantakyrö to conduct research on organizational learning in small manufacturing companies as an extension of a course in Effective Management of Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises which Wyrick taught while he was at the Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden. The UMD Industrial Engineering Department and the LUT Department of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering are in the second year of an exchange program for undergraduate engineering students.

Eileen Zeitz , professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

* Is working on the thematic and technical use of the musical blues in two Uruguayan short stories. She interviewed one of the writers, Hugo Burel, in Uruguay about his book.

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