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How Can You Reach More Than 48,500 Active and Loyal Readers?

The Bridge serves up a lively mix of info, updates, and in-depth stories for UMD’s alumni network. As a full-service regional university with a strong national reputation for quality, UMD and its publications reach a sought-after, and steadily growing, readership. Our alumni are well educated, professionally diverse, and intensely proud of their ties to UMD. They rely on the Bridge to keep them connected to the campus community—and to one another. In short, we have an enduring, trust-based relationship with our graduates and readers.They consistently look to us for news that matters to them, and we consistently deliver.

In Every Issue:
• New Program News
• Alumni Profiles & Notes
• Campus Updates
• Alumni Events
• Features—everything from groundbreaking UMD research to in-depth profiles of the people and issues that matter to our grads.

For information about advertising or for detailed information about our reader surveys contact:

BRIDGE Magazine
Cheryl Reitan
phone-218-726-8996, fax 726-6186
315 Darland,1049 Univ. Dr.,
Duluth, MN 558129
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A Select and Devoted Audience: UMD alumni are decisive, high-income, college-educated consumers who all have at least one element in common: a powerful and enduring bond with their alma mater.

Thorough Readers: Bridge subscribers are avid and passionate about UMD, and typically read most, if not all, of each issue. Almost 70% of Bridge readers fall into the “thorough reader” category! More than 80% have read three or more of the last four issues.

Highly Educated and Successful: Bridge readers are highly educated and successful. 47% hold a postgraduate degree and 100% hold at least a four-year degree!

Diverse and Affluent Consumers: The Bridge offers a diverse, upscale group of readers with significant purchasing power. 56% of Bridge readers have an annual income of $70,000 or higher! 32% of Bridge readers have an annual income of $100,000 or higher! Nearly 80% are homeowners!

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