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Departments and Programs need to update:

1) UMD Campus Directory

Faculty and Staff need to update:

2) Personal listings

Discontinued: Twin Cities All-Campus Directory

UMD Campus Directory

1) Departments and Programs

Deadline: noon, Friday, August 22, 2014. The files will be pulled on Monday, August 25 for a PDF version. The PDF version will be available on the Campus Directory Web Page

UMD will no longer print a paper (book form) campus directory but all departments and programs are required to update their listings by August 22, 2014 for the online listings.

A PDF of the UMD Departments and Programs will be available in early September.

Changes are especially important due to the high number of retirees in 2014.

Faculty and student listings will only be available by using the "People Look-up" search tool on the UMD Homepage.

SUPPORT TEAM: For permission to edit, for an extension, or to add a department or program, contact Cheryl Reitan 218-726-8996, or Andy Manteuffel at 726-6927, Please don't call the Help Desk.

NOTE: the UMD directory uses the x.500 login and password of the individual making the changes.

The information you enter will be used to update the UMD on-line directory.

Step 1. On the UMD home page (, click on the "Directories" link in the bottom right footer.
Step 2. Click "Update a Directory Listing"
Step 3. You will be asked to authenticate by typing in your user name log-in and password. If your log-in and password don't allow you access, contact Andy or Cheryl.
Step 4. View the entire listing. If all of the information is current, check the "Everything's OK" button at the top of the page.
Step 5. If changes need to be made, click on the "Edit Information" link at the top of the page.
Step 6. You will be shown an edit mode page for each part of your listing. Click the corresponding edit button, make corrections, and then check "Save Changes" for each section that is edited.
Step 7. You are done with the UMD department listing!

Note: In some cases multiple people are authorized to update a listing.

Deadline Extensions: contact Andy or Cheryl.

2) Personal Listings

Deadline: noon, Friday, August 22, 2014.

Check your personal listing at:

This information is the data that will appear in the UMD Campus Directory and the listing for your name. If something needs to be changed, added or deleted, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the UMD Home Page:
Step 2: Select "Faculty and Staff" from the left column:
Step 3: Select "Updating Your Information" from the bottom of the page
Step 4: Enter your ID number (X.500 username) and password on the pop-up page
Step 5: Use the pulldown menu to choose General information, Personal addresses, Office addresses, Telephone numbers, Emergency Contacts and Directory Suppression.
Review all the areas and make necessary changes.
Note: Individuals are not permitted to change every piece of information.

It's the campus address, campus mail, and campus phone and fax numbers that
employees cannot update themselves.

The UMD HRIF form should be completed to make changes to those features.
The form is at:

The form is turned into the HR office. For more help, see contact information below.

For Help with Personal listings

The UMD HRIF form should be completed to make changes to those features.
The form is at:

The form is turned into your unit payroll representative.  The unit will route to UMD HR&EO for processing. 

Contact Lindsey Carlson, 218-726-8297, if you have any questions.

The Twin Cities All-Campus Directory is no longer published

All information is on-line and can be accessed by using the Search tools.

Need Help

Cheryl Reitan 218-726-8996,
Andy Manteuffel at 726-6927,


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