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Program summary

Start with an introductory level session.  Get your Snow Kite Pass to develop your skills on local lakes.  We send e-mail notices for roughly ten lake outings on windy days. The Intro fee can be applied to your pass if you decide to get one. The Annual Snow Kite Pass is $45 if you are a UMD Student and $115 for Others. Instructional sessions are designed to serve beginner to advanced skill levels. If you have limited time, sign up for a Kite Introduction Session then deduct the fee from an annual pass if you're hooked. Memberships are limited to the first 40 students and 10 nonstudents registered. Snow Kiting Pass holders will be able to attend all of the scheduled programs during the school year at no additional cost. Most importantly you will receive e-mail invitations to roughly ten additional sessions whenever the conditions are favorable. E-mail invitations are offered at two different skill levels. We travel to a wide variety of locations to encourage skill development for all. Kiting action heats up in December and runs through March.

Kite Introduction Sessions 108001 Fall Sem & 205100 Spring Semester
Learn to be a safe and efficient kite pilot with Professional Air Sport Association (PASA) Trained Snow Kite Instructor Randy Carlson and staff. We will introduce equipment design, safety concepts, kite launching, how to fly precision patterns, de-powering the kite for landing and harness use. When you put it all together, you will be able to use the kite to pull yourself on short reaches across the softball field.
Tuesday, 11am–1pm, January 23
Friday, Noon–2pm, January 19
We Provide: Kites, Harness, Instruction
You Provide: Pants that can get grass stained, warm clothing that may include winter boots, snow pants, jacket with hood, mittens, hat, sunglasses.
Meet: Hallway outside the RSOP Day Office, 153 SpHC
Cost per session: $8 UMD Students / $15 Others
Transferable to an alternate date if wind is less than 10 mph. All sessions available to RSOP Snow Kiting Pass holders. Deduct the Intro Session fee from your annual pass if you're hooked.

Kite Intro & One Lake Outing 108005
Add one small group lake outing to your Intro Session. Deduct the fee from your annual pass if you're hooked. Cost: $25 UMD Students, $70 Others

February Only Kite Pass
If you are late to discover our snow kite program, bring all of your gear and take the Introduction Session at the lake then return for an additional lake session to refine your skills.
Cost: $30 UMD Students Only

Lake Outings
Lake kiting for all UMD RSOP Kite Members. If the forecast calls for at least 10mph winds, it's time to strap your equipment to your feet and learn to glide along using the kite's power. Stay upwind by flying the kite with precision in the power zones while carving. Try flying the kite in a pattern that lifts you up in the air. Feel the rush of a downwind speed run. At Island Lake a snowmobile will assist beginners that need help getting back up wind.
Rip Across Island Lake
Saturday 11am–5pm January 20, February 10
We Provide: Kites, Harness, Helmets, Instruction with snowmobile support.
You Provide: Alpine or Telemark skis and Boots or Snowboard and Boots, Helmet, Snow Pants, Jacket with Hood, Mittens, Hat, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Snacks
Skill Level: All Kite Pass holders may attend. Must be able to safely launch, steer, de-power, & relaunch kite before traveling away from launch area
Meet: Designated lake, Maps provided
Cost: Must be RSOP Snow Kite Pass holder.

Private Snow Kiting Instruction for the Community Members of Northern MN
Schedule a full day of snow kiting with your own instructor. Our on-call waiting list serves one or two people at a time. We will call you one day in advance of a full day kiting session to check your availability and make sure the wind forecast is reliable.
Cost: $150 per person/ $130 with two
You become a Snow Kite Pass holder after your private session.
Contact Randy Carlson 218–726–6177 or for more details.

Boulder & Whiteface Reservoir Snow Kite Training Trip Based Out Of The Carlson Lake Home 108003
January 5-7, 2018
Cost: $30 UMD Students $95 Others
*Must be a Snow Kite Pass Holder to participate. See Randy for trip packet with full details.
For Kiting Intro Sessions and Lake Outings, please visit the RSOP Paddle Surf Kite (Kiting) events calendar.