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Pharmacy News

June 5, 2018

June 2018 news from faculty and staff of the College of Pharmacy Duluth.

Heather Blue, assistant professor, was recently commended by her St. Luke's colleagues for her outstanding work and leadership during [the April 26] Mass Casualty Incident [Husky Energy Oil Refinery explosion and fire].

The following posters were presented at the 2018 Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Conference in St. Cloud on April 19, 2018:

  • Blue, Kelsey Melgaard, Laura Carpenter, and Nicholas Van Deelen. “Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution from a Community Hospital Emergency Department: Healthcare Professionals’ Perceptions Pre-implementation”
  • Laura Palombi, assistant professor, Kelsey Melgaard, Ashley Dahly, and Blue. “Healthcare Provider Perceptions of the Causes and Consequences of the Opioid Crisis in Northeastern Minnesota”
  • Eric Wargel, Roberta Aulie, Soyang Ha, and Blue. “Assessing the Initiation of a Kcentra (Prothrombin Complex Concentrate [Human]) Pharmacist Dosing Service in a Community Hospital”

The following were presented at Best Practices Day: The Science of Learning, May 3, 2018, in Minneapolis, Minn.:


  • Blue and Palombi. “Responding to Community Needs: The Development of an Opioid Curricular Thread”
  • Kerry Fierke, associate professor, Gardner Lepp, education program specialist 2, and Forrest Batz. “An Introductory Approach to Integrating Leadership and Professionalism into a Pharmacy Curriculum”
  • Brian Sick, Keri Hager, associate professor, Don Uden, Cheri Friedrich, and Amy Pittenger. “High-impact, Low-burden Interprofessional Experiential Activity” 
  • Hager, Anita Sharma, and Kristin Janke. “Designing a First Year Ambulatory Practice Experience to Emphasize the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process”
  • Kristin Janke, Robert Bechtol, Lepp, Stephanie James, and Peter Clapp. “Application Activities in Pharmacy Education: Developing Consensus on Quality Indicators for Team-based Learning”
  • Palombi, Ashley Dahly, Kelsey Melgaard, and Blue. “Healthcare Provider Perceptions of the Causes and Consequences of the Opioid Crisis in Northeastern Minnesota”


  • Fierke and Lepp. “Engaging Learners for a Lifetime”

A poster was presented at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference, held May 5-9, 2018, in Washington, DC: J. Nelson Albee, C. O’Donnell, A. Yapel, and Hager. “Interprofessional Orientation Activities to Develop Team Role Awareness and Communication Skills at the Duluth Family Medicine Residency Program.”

C. Kolar, Hager, and K. K. Janke had their article, “Development and evaluation of a pharmaceutical care peer teaching event between first and second year pharmacy students,” published in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 2018;10(2):170-177.

D.A. MacDonald, H. Chang, Y. Wei, and Hager had their article, "Drug therapy problem identification and resolution by clinical pharmacists in a family medicine residency clinic,” published in Innovations in Pharmacy. 2018;9(2):Article 4. doi:10.24926/iip.v9i2.971

E. Borman-Shoap, E. King, Hager, P. Adam, N. Chaisson, M. Dierich, M. Mustapha, and H. Thompson Buum had their article, “Essentials of ambulatory care: An interprofessional workshop to promote core skills and values in team-based outpatient care,” published in MedEdPORTAL. 2018:14:10714.

Congratulations to these Duluth recipients of Pharm.D. teaching awards:

  • Teachers of the Semester for Spring 2018: Venkatram Mereddy, professor, Megan Undeberg, assistant professor, and Grant Anderson, associate professor

  • Teachers of the Year for 2017-18: MereddyJared Van Hooser, assistant professor, and Joseph Johnson, associate professor

Palombi was voted Chair-Elect of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Substance Abuse and Education Special Interest Group (SIG).

Palombi represented the University of Minnesota as a panelist at the 49th Minnesota Health Care Roundtable, "The Opioid Epidemic: Complex Problems, Complex Solutions" on April 26, 2018, in Minneapolis.

Palombi was invited to serve on the 2018–19 AACP Strategic Engagement Committee to: (1) explore faculty leadership and development as it relates to their active participation in strategic engagement-related activities; (2) discuss challenges and barriers for faculty to engage in such strategic engagement-related activities; and (3) identify strategic engagement successes and non-traditional opportunities for faculty and schools to utilize.

To Really See, an art exhibit co-organized by Paul Ranelli, professor, is mentioned in the April 16, 2018, MinnPoststory, "Interfaith lunch attendees to consider ways to address mental illness within congregations."

David Stenehjem has been promoted to associate professor with tenure.

Tim Stratton, professor, co-led a roundtable discussion with Gayle Godfrey, RN, entitled “Advancing Public Health Among Vulnerable Populations” at the Campus Compact Minnesota 2018 Summit: True Stories of Engagement in Minnesota held April 19, 2018, in St. Paul.

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