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Rock Cairn

Promoting Heart-Felt Restorative Dialogue

Since 1994

We have moved our base of operations to the University of Minnesota Duluth, under the directorship of Dr. Emily Gaarder. We offer research, consultation, and training for restorative practitioners and programs worldwide. Contact us at or 218.726.7094.


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Introductory Workshop on Peacebuilding Dialogue

On Friday, January 31st and Saturday, February 1st, the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking will offer an introductory workshop on restorative dialogue at the Hope Methodist Church, 301 W Saint Marie Street, Duluth, MN. Cost is $100 regular; $50 student/unemployed. For details see our workshop flyer.

The workshop includes a full introduction to the principles and practices of restorative justice, along with an overview of a facilitator's role, presence, and skill-set. Participants will experience both circle and conference dialogue models for situations of deep harm, and learn how these models can also be adapted to family and workplace settings. When healing and accountability weave together, people can speak and listen from the heart, be heard by others, and find a way to move forward in life.


For more information contact Andrea Sande ( or 218-726-7953)

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Anthology Addresses Cutting Edge Issues

Chapters of a forthcoming book, Listening to the Movement: Essays in New Growth and New Challenges in Restorative Justice, are now available online to the public on the Zehr Institute’s website. Ted Lewis is the lead editor of this collection which stems from a three-year, grant-funded project to better understand how restorative justice can be viewed as a movement for social transformation. A new foreword by Fania E. Davis sets the book in the current context of race relations and envisioning restorative work beyond the realm of programming.

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Center Services Partner with Brasilia Program

In July 2019, Mark Umbreit spent a week in Brasilia, Brazil, to advance the growth of restorative dialogue. For the past four years our center has maintained skype-communications with Judge Catarina Corrêa of the 2ª Vara Criminal e 2º Juizado Especial Criminal de Planaltina/DF in Brasilia. Dr. Umbreit presented to a wide group of judges, prosecutors, and other court workers to seed the expansion of victim offender conferencing which Corrêa has coordinated for the past 10 years. For resources in Portuguese, view these resources.

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