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Welcome to the official, private Facebook community of UMD!

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Currently open to new fall 2012 students.


UMD on Facebook is a great tool for connecting with students in your major and classes and who share your recreational interests. Some UMD faculty and staff also use UMD on Facebook to connect and share information with students.

UMD on Facebook is a “virtual campus hallway” and we encourage you to carry yourselves here in the same manner that you would anywhere else on campus. 

Please remember that the Student Conduct Code applies to your activities and interactions on UMD on Facebook, and although all activity is not directly monitored, any material flagged as inappropriate may be subject to review by peers, faculty, and staff.   Keep this in mind as you set your Facebook profile photo and post comments within the UMD on Facebook app.

UMD on Facebook is separate but linked to your private Facebook profile. We encourage you to be selective in who you "friend" and to maintain appropriate Facebook privacy settings.

Again, welcome to UMD on Facebook. Be bold, be friendly, and be an active member of our community!


Questions regarding UMD Facebook? Email Mary Keenan, Coordinator, UMD Student Success Initiatives, or Jeni Eltink, Director, First Year Experience and Students in Transition.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why should I use UMD on Facebook?

UMD on Facebook is the official Facebook community for UMD. It was created in part to ensure that your personal Facebook profile stays private while allowing you to interact with people at school.

Are there things I should not post on UMD on Facebook?

UMD on Facebook is not the place to discuss parties or individuals and civil language needs to be the norm.

UMD on Facebook is a virtual part of our campus and follows the Student Conduct Code and the Facebook Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Posted content that violates these standards or is otherwise deemed inappropriate will be removed without notice and the user may be blocked from the app.

All users can report inappropriate content by selecting the "more" link below each post.

What elements of my private Facebook profile are part of UMD on Facebook?

UMD of Facebook pulls three things from your profile: 1) your name, 2) your profile photo, and 3) your friend list. Your friend list is only used to identify which friends also attend UMD.

Should I "friend" the people I meet on UMD on Facebook?

UMD on Facebook is a community environment that allows students to connect with other people with common interests. We encourage you to use your designated communities to communicate and to be selective in who you "friend." Remember that "friending" means you are giving access to your private Facebook profile.

What's with the ads?

UMD on Facebook is part of the Facebook platform and, thus, it pulls the same ads from the right column of your private profile page. UMD does not influence or endorse the content of the ads.

Note that you can provide Facebook with feedback on the ads that appear on your page by selecting the "x" in the upper corner of each ad.

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