30-60-90 Student Success Roadmap

Your Sophomore Year

Welcome back for your second year at UMD! 

As you encounter UMD’s new freshmen in the hallways and in class, it is probably easy to recognize how much you have learned over the past year.  From becoming aware of university policies and procedures to forming friendships and developing personal study habits, you conquered many of the challenges of the first year of college.

Your second year of college is a time to recommit to your education and to strength your personal goals and identity.  This can be an energizing time, but a few challenges may arise as well.  What challenges might you encounter during your second year? 

Explore the free, on-demand online workshops for tips and advice from experts in college student success.

Yes, there are some ups and downs during the sophomore year, but remember that these are normal and will ultimately lead you to a stronger commitment to your education and to greater personal growth.

Visit the 30-60-90 Student Success Roadmap webpage and review the key benchmarks for the 2nd year including those specified by your collegiate unit (links to unit benchmarks are at the bottom of the page).  Utilize the links on the webpage to connect with campus resources committed to supporting your success. 

Remember that you need to reach 60 credits in order to move from sophomore to junior status.  As a second-year student, you are encouraged to set the goal of reaching the 60-credit milestone by the end of spring semester or with the addition of one or two courses this coming summer.   Consult your APAS report and update your graduation plan to make sure the courses you enroll in fulfill your degree requirements.

Above all, believe in your ability to succeed. We do!


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