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Iron Range UMD Graduate Engineering Education Program: Fall 2014 Proposed Courses


  • CHE 4141 - Material and Minerals Processing M,W,F 10 – 10:30  (Ely and Virginia) Flow sheets and unit operations of processes for the separation of commercially valuable minerals from their ores; particle characterization, comminution, concentration, handling; economics, environment, introduction to pyro and hydrometallurgy.




  • EMGT 5110 Management of Engineers and Technology  Managing the synergism of people and technology. Overview of management functions, tools, methods. Planning, organization, leadership, motivation, control, quality, human resources, effective decision making.


  • ChE 5193  Process Optimization:  Lean / 6 Sigma Emphasis on applying Lean and 6 Sigma process design and improvement techniques, data driven decision making, cultural transformation and effective change communication.
  • EMGT 5160 Quality Management Global competitiveness, organizational culture, management role responsibilities, concepts for customer value, strategic management, measurement of customer value, organizing to improve systems, employee involvement, culture change and organizational learning. ISO 9000, quality awards.


  • EMGT 5220 - Innovation Management   Key success factors of technological innovation will be identified by looking at the diverse economic, social, cultural, psychological and technical phenomena that comprise innovation. Questions that will be answered include why certain inventions successfully make it to the market but some others died; why some organizations keep coming up with innovations with tremendous business value but some others stay as followers; how to enhance creativity at individual, team, organizational, and national levels; what the emerging trend is in today's business innovation environment and how organizations should cope with it, etc.


  • IE 5335 Engineered Products and Services  Development, production, and distribution of engineered products and services. Strategies for positioning engineered products and services to successfully compete in a global market. Sales, purchasing, qualification, and service. Standards, regulations.


  • EE 5501  Energy Conversion System  Theory, design and operation of conventional and alternative elecrical energy conversion systems. Carbon dioxide cycle, Earth/Sun radiation balance, and environmental impacts. Power delivery systems and integration of conversion systems wtih the grid. Development of generation portfolios. Impact of energy policies and current energy issues. Case studies.
  • CE 5237  Water Quality Engineering  Applied analysis of water quality in natural systems. Review of mass-transport processes and approaches for solving water quality problems in lakes, estuaries, rivers, groundwater, and soil-sediment with TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) and remediation design applications. Applications in water and wastewater treatment.
  • IE 5305 Supply Chain Management  Concepts essential to understanding supply chain management, including strategy and design, as well as operational, managerial, technological, and implementation issues. It provides an integrated perspective of the supply chain, including purchasing, production, transportation, distribution and information systems.


* Prerequisites — One of the following:

  • Undergraduate engineering (or related field) degree and meets course prerequisites
  • Current enrollment in an engineering (or related field) graduate program and meets course prerequisites
  • For a Mechanical or Industrial Engineering background or interest, consent of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department Head (Ryan Rosandich,
  • For a Civil Engineering background or interest, consent of the Civil Engineering Department Head (Penny Morton,
  • For a Chemical Engineering background or interest, consent of the Chemical Engineering Department Head (Richard Davis,
  • For an Electrical and Computer Engineering background or interest, consent of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head (Jiann-Shiou Yang,


  • If  you are currently a student in the MSEM, MSECE, or MEHS program, register for the course as part of the program.
  • New students can apply online. You are able to transfer graduate-level courses to this degree program.
  • For non-degree students or those students wanting to take courses only, register through Continuing Education


J. "Moe" Benda, Director, at 218-749-7746 or

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