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BioRad ChemiDoc XRS

BioRad ChemiDoc XRS Manufacturer: BioRad

Model number: ChemiDoc XRS

Location: SSB 271 (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument: Clay Carter; 218-726-7347; cjcarter@d.umn.edu

Description of instrument and special capabilities: The ChemiDoc XRS system is the most advanced chemiluminescent detection system in Bio-Rad's gel documentation line. The system features flat fielding technology for superior uniformity and quantitation, and the flexibility to image chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and colorimetric samples. The system includes a supersensitive 12-bit CCD, a light-tight compact darkroom, a slide-out transilluminator with preparative mode for added safety when manually visualizing samples, a software-driven motorized lens, and powerful, user-friendly Quantity One software. Unlimited copies of Quantity One Basic, available with each system, allow free functionality for sharing, analysis, and presentation of gel data.

The ChemiDoc XRS can be used for imaging in a wide variety of applications (western blotting, nucleic acid detection, 2-D gel electrophoresis, dot blotting, densitometry, and colony counting) using a large portfolio of detection methods (Immun-Star HRP and AP chemiluminescent detection, ethidium bromide, SYBR Green I, SYPRO Ruby, Cy3, rhodamine, Green Fluorescent Protein, Hoechst, silver stain, copper stain, and Coomassie Brilliant Blue).

User charges: n.a.

Other useful information:
Training is required before operation. All disposable items required for operation are the responsibility of interested party. Any damage caused to the instrument during operation will be the responsibility of the user to repair or replace.

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