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3D Laser Scanner

Manufacturer: Faro

Model number: Focus 3D

Location: Heller Hall 206 (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument: Karen Gran, kgran@d.umn.edu, 218-726-7406

Description of instrument and special capabilities:The Faro 3D laser scanner, also known as a terrestrial lidar scanner, is a tripod-mounted system capable of scanning topography and surfaces at mm-scale resolution. Scan range is ~0.5m to 100m distance, with 360 degree scanning. We have both a tripod-mount system and downlooking mount for laboratory applications.

User charges: TBD

Other Information: To schedule time, contact the faculty member in charge or Mark Roberts in Civil Engineering (mwrobert@d.umn.edu). Internal and external rates are still being determined.

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