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Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron MicrosopeManufacturer: JEOL

Model number: JSM-6490LV

Location: LSci 93 (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument: John Goodge; 218-726-8021; jgoodge@d.umn.edu

Description of instrument and special capabilities:

• JEOL JSM-6490LV (variable-pressure, W-filament SEM
• Oxford INCA Energy 250 energy-dispersive (EDS) system with x-act ADD detector
Oxford/HKL Nordlys-II electron back-scattered diffractometer (EBSD) with forescatter detector
Oxford Synergy system software
Gatan ChromaCL cathodoluminescence (CL) system
low-vacuum SEI detector (ESED)
Deben cool stage
IR chamberscope
Faraday cup with Keithley microammeter
Au-C sputter coater
Vibratory polisher

User charges: Hourly fees TBD

Other useful information:
Currently in development (more information)

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