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Genomics Node

Manufacturer: varies

Model numbers: vary

Location: varies within School of Medicine (map)

Faculty members in charge of instruments: Drs. Lester Drewes and Matthew Andrews

Description of instruments and special capabilities: Equipment for molecular biological applications is available in the School’s genomics node. Specific equipment includes the following: Agilent 2100 mRNA Bioanalyzer; Genomics facility computers; Axon Instruments microarray scanner; Software for affymetrix Analysis (MAS, DMT) and software for Axon Reader (GenPix 3.0 Javelin); Roche lightcycler; and Nanodrop ND1000 Spectrophotmeter. Thermal Cyclers and electrophoresis equipment are available in individual laboratories. A Beckman Coulter CEQ8000 Genetic Analysis System is available in SMed 293 for polymorphism analyses and de novo DNA sequencing.

User charges: n.a.

Other useful information:
TheGenomics Node facility is available to all researchers within the Medical School and area researchers.

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