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Particle Image Velocimetry, Global Sizing Velocimetry, Shadowgraphy

Manufacturer: TSI in.

Model number: MTS Landmark Servohydraulic Test System (Model 370 Load Frame)

Location: 148B VKH (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument:Alison Hoxie!, ahoxie@d.umn.edu, 218-726-8957

Description of instrument and special capabilities:

  • PIV: Provides quantitative velocity information of flow fields in 2-dimensions.
  • GSV: Provides droplet sizing and velcity measurements of droplets.
  • Shadowgraphy: Flow visualization based on index of refraction.

User charges: Hourly fees TBD

Other Information: Schedule via Google Calendar. Name: PIV-GSV. Currently in excellent working condition.

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