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Gas Chromatograph-Atomic Emission Detector

Gas Chromatograph-Atomic Emission Detector Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

Model number: 5890 Series II plus

Location: MWAH 395 (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument: John Sorensen; 218-726-8469; jsorense@d.umn.edu

Description of instrument and special capabilities: Gas Chromatograph with head space sampler and AED, which enables element specific detection. Components: 1) Head Space Sampler (HS) Model - HP 7694; 2) Gas Chromatograph (GC) Model - 5890 Series II plus; 3) Atomic Emission Detector (AED) Model HP 5921A

User charges: Methylmercury analyses $150/sample; inquire regarding other analyses.

Other useful information:
Current working condition: Good. System is available for service.

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