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Laser Raman Spectroscopy System

Laser Raman Spectroscopy System Manufacturer: Coherent/Spex Industries

Model number: n.a.

Location: MWAH 343 (map)

Faculty member in charge of instrument: John Sorensen; 218-726-8469; jsorense@d.umn.edu

Description of instrument and special capabilities: Complete optics/electronics available for mode locking operation with each laser. Dye laser includes a cavity dumper. Components: 1) Large frame argon ion laser. Coherent Model - CR-18 retrofitted with an Inova-18 tube; 2) Dye Laser Coherent Model - CR599-04; 3) Double - monochromator Spex Industries Model 1403

User charges: Not set

Other useful information:
System is available for use almost any time. Current working condition: Large frame laser output power at 514 nm is about 50% of original specs. Computer that controls the instrument still works but is very outdated.

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