Disciplinary Procedures

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Student Conduct Procedures

All forms of sexual misconduct (to include sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender violence, and rape) are violations of the University of Minnesota Student Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code, Section IV, Subd. 8 (Sexual Misconduct). In addition, sexual misconduct is a violation of the University of Minnesota Administrative Policy: Sexual Assault, Stalking and Relationship Violence.

An allegation of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or rape is a serious violation. Should an individual choose to file a report, an investigation will be conducted by a UMD sexual assault investigator, University police, or local law enforcement. The UMD sexual assault investigator may be a staff member in the Office of Student Conduct. The University may pursue disciplinary action, even if criminal justice authorities choose not to prosecute.

Upon notice of an alleged sexual assault, the Office of Student Conduct works with the Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students to take appropriate interim measures that ensure safety for the Complainant and Respondent.

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the student conduct process (UMD's student disciplinary process), to include alleged sexual misconduct violations. The student conduct process may be found on the Student Conduct website. Click here for more details. For more information, contact the Office of Student Conduct: (218) 726-7255 or conduct@d.umn.edu.

Faculty/Staff Disciplinary Procedures

In cases where UMD Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HR&EO) investigates an employee's conduct and concludes that the employee has violated a University Policy, UMD HR & EO sends an investigation report to the appropriate administrator (Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Life, or Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations) that may include recommendations for disciplinary action. The disciplinary action would follow the guidelines of the appropriate policies/procedures, governing documents or bargaining unit agreement.