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Athletics Committee

In accordance with NCAA best practices for oversight, the campus Athletics Committee will provide review, advice, and advocacy to and for the athletic programs at UMD as a commitment to the overall well-being and academic experience of student athletes. Topics will include, but are not limited to, athletes’ academic progress, facilities, scheduling, public relations, and campus climate. The committee may assign establish working groups to focus on various areas such as gender equity, Title IX, and financial aid issues specific to UMD athletics. The campus Athletics Committee will, in conjunction with the UCC, be empowered to advise the Chancellor or Chancellor’s representatives on campus athletic matters, foster the development of continued communication with the administration and make recommendations to the appropriate standing committee or senate.

Strategic Planning & Budget Committee

The Strategic Planning & Budget Committee will advise on strategic planning and budget issues in an economically sustainable manner by integrating the goals, mission and vision of the Strategic Plan, the Campus Master Plan, and Strategic Enrollment Management into the campus financial plan. The Strategic Planning & Budget Committee will provide advice to the Chancellor or respective representatives on campus strategic planning and budget. The committee will provide an effective channel through which all campus constituencies can have significant and valuable input into the strategic planning and budget processes, can receive timely information about the processes, and can provide advice, analysis, and assessment, and a level of community oversight throughout the processes. The committee will annually review UMD benchmarking measures and provide guidance and counsel on UMD direction, and establish and validate UMD adherence to our strategic plan and continuous improvement schedules. Members will actively participate in the gathering of information and data from their constituencies in direct support of UMD strategic considerations. The committee will provide periodic reports. The committee will foster communication with administration and make recommendations to the appropriate standing committees or senates.

Student Experiences

The Student Experiences Committee brings together students, faculty, and staff to contribute to the quality of the UMD experience as related to co-curricular programs and student services. The committee provides review for major policies and program initiatives that affect student life and that contribute to the satisfaction, wellbeing, and success of UMD students. The Student Experiences Committee makes its recommendations to UCC. The Student Experiences Committee administrates the appeals process for the student conduct system that is required in the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Conduct Code. Committee members will serve as the appellate body and the committee has the authority to appoint additional appellate body members from the campus community to participate in appeals.

Teaching & Learning Committee

The Teaching & Learning Committee addresses non-curricular issues related to student learning and. will focus on the quality and effectiveness of undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, foster improvement of teaching effectiveness and recognition of excellent teaching. The committee will foster the development of continued communication with the administration and make recommendations to the appropriate standing committee or council senate.