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Committee Leadership

Picture of students paddling the rapids

Committee Chairs

University Coordinating Council

Chair: Joseph Bauerkemper
Staff: Wendy Larrivy

Staff Senate

Chair: Emily Borra
Staff: Bob Borden

Faculty Senate

Chair: Rebecca de Souza
Staff: Wendy Larrivy

Faculty Senate Subcommittees:

Research & Scholarship Subcommittee

Chair: Pat Schoff

Curriculum Subcommittee

Chair: Maureen Tobin Stanley
Staff: Nancy Burley

Liberal Education Subcommittee 

Co-chairs: Joanne Itami and Ryan Hjelle
Staff: Nancy Burley

Graduate Programs Committee

Chair: Lara LaCaille
Staff: Kim Habig

Student Association Executive Board

President: Mike Kenyanya

Primary Standing Committees/Subcommittees:

Athletics Committee

Chair: Jessie Eaton
Staff: Kristina D’Allaird

Student Experiences (SE)

Chair: Neal Bhakta
Staff: Laura Haffield

Strategic Planning & Budget Committee

Chair: Don Fosnacht
Staff: Vacant

Strategic Planning & Budget (SP&B) Subcommittees:

Facilities Subcommittee

Chair: Chris Stevens
Staff: Pam Merzwski

Strategic Enrollment Management Subcommittee

Chair: Marc Seigar
Staff: Jason Ellis

Teaching & Learning Committee

Chair: David Short
Staff: Vickery French

Teaching & Learning Subcommittees:

Assessment Subcommittee

Chair: John Schwetman
Staff: Jason Ellis

IT & Library (IT&L) Subcommittee

Chair: Kevin Wu