Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

Happy first day of class!

The day has come. School has officially started and Summer has come to an end.

I’ll keep this post short and simple, so you can take in your first day of class!

First of all, to those of you who are new to campus at UMD, both Freshman and transfer students, welcome! I hope that you enjoyed Bulldog Welcome Week as much as I did as a RockStar!

To those of you who are returning, welcome back! I hope that you had a great Summer!

Here are a few helpful tips to survive your first day of class…

1. Know where you’re going!

       Have your class schedule/locations printed out or available on your phone so you know which building/room you’re headed to!

2. Arrive on time/early.

      No one wants to be the person rushing into the class room late on any day, but especially not on the first day. Arrive a little early to avoid the embarrassment and struggling to find a seat.

3. If you have breaks, take advantage of them!

      If you have large breaks between classes, use them to your advantage! If you didn’t get enough sleep, take a nap. Go get food. Check out the syllabus for your class. Use your time according to what you need!

4. Stay hydrated!

       Depending on where your campus is, it’s still Summer weather outside and some of the campus buildings don’t have the best/any air conditioning. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid discomfort while sitting in class.

5. Ease back into the swing of things.

       You’ve been on vacation for the past three months. Don’t just plunge back into things and expect everything to go smoothly. Take things slow, don’t over do it and overwhelm yourself!

There’s so much more, but it’s a start…

Have a great first day of class! Don’t over do it!

See you next week!