Jacob Looking Past the Tights & Capes

My Last Goodbye

Today, December 19th, is my final day as the blogger for the Office for Students in Transition at the University of Minnesota Duluth. This past year and a half journey has been such a treat for me. I have loved talking to you all about nerdy stuff, college, life, and how it all fits together. You ahve been an amazing audience to write for. From finding your moral compass, to how nerdy things are important in our lives, to the fact that each and everyone of you are superheroes, it has all been an honor to write for you.

I have learned so much from this experience and I would not want to change a single thing about it. I want to thank everyone who has gone on this journey with me. You have made it even more special. I especially want to thank Lisa for always being willing to let me write about what I had on mind and to see where it took us.

You have been such a joy to work with. If there is one thing I have learned from this experience, my ‘crowning lesson’ is this: no matter who you are or what you do, you can make a difference in someone’s life. You all, my readers, friends, and coworkers, have made a difference in my life by following, liking, and commenting on my blog, and I thank you for that!

But, because I have written about nerdy subjects in every other blog post, this post should be no different. For this one, I want to focus on a video that captures my thoughts right about now. I am sure you have seen this video. it is ‘The Last Goodbye’ by Billy Boyd, to bring together the end of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Every time I listen to it, it seems to perfectly describe the goodbye I am saying, not only to this experience, but to my entire college career. May this post not be the last that you read of this blog, as someone will continue writing come January, or of any of my future blogs. Keep your eyes open for someone writing about superheroes and the world; it will most likely be me writing.

Thank you again for all you have given me by reading the posts I have written. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.

So, without further ado, please enjoy ‘The Last Goodbye.’