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Don’t let finals be the end of you

For those of you who have finals approaching, keep truckin’! You’re almost there! For those of you who have finished finals already, congrats! You made it!

With finals approaching for most of us yet, here are some quick tips to make sure finals aren’t deadly!

Take regular study breaks…

I know many of us in college follow the study until you collapse in your books study method. However, this is not the best method to go about things for finals. 

Study for a little bit and then take a break to do something non-academic to just unwind a little bit. Once you feel a little relaxed, hit the books again! Studies show that our brains retain more information when you break study sessions up into multiple small sessions.

Try setting up a small reward schedule for yourself. Once you finish a certain section or topic in your studying, reward yourself with something!


Don’t panic…

Finals can be a stressful time of year and it can be easy to panic, but don’t! Step back from things, take a breath and just tackle one final at a time! 

You can do this!

Manage your time…


There’s a difference between taking short study breaks and getting full on distracted and sidetracked. 

Find somewhere that best suits your studying style and limit your distractions around you. Turn off your phone, log out of Facebook, turn the TV off, etc.

As stated above, don’t procrastinate! Procrastination leads to a last-minute-panic cram session, which doesn’t help your learning at all. Just tackle your finals one subject/test at a time and you’ll do just fine!

Hang in there, you’re almost done!

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Good luck! Happy Finals Week and may the odds be ever in your favor!