Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

Let me fill in the blank for you

If you haven’t caught on yet…

I’m a strong supporter of puns (hence the title this week)! 

Anywho, I just want to first thank all of you who sent in questions for me to answer this week about your feelings/fears/excitement about starting your collegiate journey! 

At any time if you’d like to ask a question feel free to email me at quan0071@d.umn.edu or you can ask anonymously by clicking here.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Question #1: 

“I heard there is a barbeque happening on move in day. What is the deal with it? Should we go? Do most people go out instead?”

Yes! There is most definitely a barbecue happening on move in day and definitely most people go! It was a HUGE hit last year! The barbecue is the only meal being served for dinner on move-in day! 

You can find all of the information about the BBQ as well as register for your tickets at z.umn.edu/bbq2015

However, here is a quick run down for you:

The BBQ takes place in Malowski Stadium on move-in day (August 25th) from 5 to 7 p.m. All students are given a free ticket to the event, which gets them and ONE guest into the BBQ. However, you must reserve your ticket and the ticket for your guest IN ADVANCE at the above mentioned website.

Aside from great food and a great opportunity to meet some new people, there’s also a football scrimmage, a performance from the UMD marching band and a mini carnival.

Question #2:

“The whole “moving away to college” thing hasn’t exactly hit me yet, especially since I have been insanely busy all summer long, and I’m afraid that it’s all going to come crashing down on me those first few nights in the dorm. How do I deal with that on my own?”

First of all, that’s a totally normal thing! Especially if you’ve been busy so far this summer! Moving away from home and into the dorms is definitely a huge adjustment for everyone! I remember that whole “moving away to college” thing didn’t really hit me until I had the car unloaded and I said ‘goodbye’ to my parents.

Keep in mind college and moving into the dorms isn’t just new to you alone, everyone around you is in the same boat! Therefore, it isn’t something you have to “deal with” on your own! Don’t think about what is behind you, think about what is ahead of you. Get out there and get to know your roommate, floormates, and whoever else you may meet! Get own there and make some new friends! When you’re in your room, leave your door open and see who pops in to introduce themselves to you! Or leave your room with your roommate and go see who’s door is open and introduce yourself to them!

All in all, just know that you are not alone in this and it isn’t something you have to deal with on your own.

Question #3:

“As a poc (Person of color) I’m just afraid people are gonna say offensive stuff without meaning it, or just saying they don’t mean it. How do I cope with microagressions w/o being aggresive myself? It’s happened in the past, and I want to know how to best combat it. Best case scenario as I see it, is people just avoid me.”

Well to start off, don’t assume that people avoid you simply because of your skin color, or religion/beliefs, sexual orientation or anything along those lines! And even if people were to avoid you for any of those reasons, well, those just aren’t the type of people you want around you anyway!

As for coping with it if it happens, my best advice for you is to simply let whoever is saying the offensive things know that it offends you in the most polite way possible. Nine times out of ten, the people don’t even realize that what they are saying could be offensive to others. So, if you kindly let them know that it’s offensive, chances are they didn’t mean it, and hopefully know for future reference.

Thank you all for your great questions…

Keep in mind you can ask questions at absolutely ANY time! You can either email me at quan0071@d.umn.edu or you can ask anonymously by clicking here.