Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

Tutoring. Get help if/when you need it.

So last week we started talking about the first of a few topics on what to do if last semester didn’t go so well. 

As mentioned in last week’s blog, professors are a great resource to your success in school. However, they aren’t the only resource.

Get help from your peers…

Most schools, including UMD, have some form of tutoring center on campus. The tutoring center offers help to students from fellow students who have excelled in certain subject areas. The tutoring center on campus at UMD (located in the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor of the library) offers tutoring in a wide variety of subjects from accounting to business, and everything in between.

Take action before it’s too late…

Similar to what I mentioned in last week’s post, it’s extremely important to go get help as soon as you feel like you are falling behind in a class or don’t understand something. The earlier you take action, the better your chances are to get caught up in class and succeed in the rest of the semester.

Know that you aren’t alone in needing help. It’s okay to ask for help! It happens to more students than you’d think. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of it.

UMD’s Tutoring Center…

One of the really great things about UMD’s Tutoring Center is that you don’t have to make an appointment to get help there. However, all subject areas are on different schedules of availability, so it is important to check the schedules on the Tutoring Center website before going in for help. You can find the Tutoring Center website by clicking here.

Get help if you need it. You’re not alone.