Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

The college student’s family reunion survival guide

The sun is shining, the water is cool and the shades are on…

Summer is officially in full swing! Other than weekends at the family cabin, bonfires, trips to the beach, etc. what else comes with summertime? Family reunions! And what comes with family reunions as a college student? Lots of food (FREE food is always a win), more questions than you ever wanted to be asked and much more!

Top questions you’ll be asked multiple times throughout the day…

You know these questions are coming, so prepare yourself, put on a happy face and answer…again, and again, and again.

Here are some quick tips to help you throughout the day…

1. Family reunions can get hectic, don’t start arguments (or encourage them).

2. Pace yourself on the free food, just trust me.

3. Always put your best smile on for pictures (you don’t want to find your family photo on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com).

4. If you are of age and choose to drink at your reunion, remember, this isn’t a college party. Take it easy (Keep an eye on your crazy Aunt/Uncle too, know when to cut them off)! 

5. Try to enjoy every minute of it. For most, it’s only once a year and it’s family, make some enjoyable memories with them!

Keep enjoying your summer! Good luck and enjoy your family reunion(s)!

As always, if you have any questions you’d like me to answer, or any topics you’d like me to cover, feel free to drop me a line by clicking here, or email me at quan0071@d.umn.edu.