Fall 2015

Congratulations on becoming a UMD Bulldog! We are excited to have you come to campus and register for your first semester of UMD Classes.

Our contract with Symplicty - Transitions expired at midnight on June 30, 2015 which means students will no longer have access to the Transitions site. If you were admitted prior to June 28th and you have already registered and paid for an upcoming A&R date or a proxy session (special circumstances only) and need information on your A&R date, please call our office at 218.726.6393.

If you were admitted prior to June 28th, 2015 and have not yet registered for an A&R session date or paid the fee, please conplete the steps below.

If you are admitted after June 30, 2015, please complete the following steps.

First, initiate your UMD account using the Student ID found in your Admissions acceptance letter. If you cannot locate your ID, please call our office to request it: https://www.umn.edu/initiate

Second, contact our office at 218.726.6393 to find out available dates for your college and to select an Advisement and Registration (A&R) session.

Third, pay the non-refundable $80 fee by clicking the Pay A&R Fee button below.

Once payment is received...A confirmation email will be sent to your UMD email account stating your official A&R date and time.

Note: We cannot secure your selected date until payment is received; if we cannot accommodate your first choice selection, you will receive a phone call to pick a second choice.

Fourth, check your UMD email regularly between now and your A&R date to receive updates, information and A&R next steps. To activate your University email account, log in at myu.umn.edu and click on the email button. Once you opt into your UMD Gmail account, your account will be activated, and you will be able to access your email shortly.

Fifth, to save yourself time and to avoid standing in a long line to get your UCard, we encourage you to sign up now using the online UCard's express option. You will pick up your UCard during your A&R session.

Sixth, complete Module 1 and Module 2 before your A&R session. Each will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Seventh, review the links on this page to find out what you need to bring to A&R, how to get to UMD and where to park, TCF banking, student guide and the immunization form...

Questions or confused? Call us at 218-726-6393. We will be happy to guide you through any step of the process!

I signed up for A&R, what other items do I need to do before I start at UMD? Check out the Next Steps page.