Welcome to UMD All Incoming Students for the Fall 2014 Semester!

Congratulations on becoming a UMD Bulldog! We are excited to have you come to campus and register for your first semester of UMD Classes.

Already signed up for A&R? Sign in to your UMD Transition Account using your UMD Username and Password to get:

  • Directions
  • Parking Information
  • UCard Information
  • An overview of the day
  • Date and time of check-in

Not signed up for A&R? Check out the information below!

What to expect from your half-day A&R session:

  • Connecting with student, staff and faculty advisors who will guide you through your session and ensure you take appropriate courses your first semester
  • Picking up your UCard
  • Talking to TCF Bank about banking options
  • Getting any question you might have about being a UMD Student and UMD Bulldog answered

For complete step-by-step instructions with visuals.

If you are experiencing difficulties with Symplicity in Google Chrome, please try a different browser.

First, initiate your account: https://www.umn.edu/initiate

Second, select an Advisement and Registration (A&R) date through the Transition website: https://umd-transition.symplicity.com

Third, pay the non-refundable $80 fee in the Transition software.

Note: We cannot secure your selected date until payment is received; if we cannot accommodate your first choice selection, you will receive a phone call to pick a second choice. You will know that you have been confirmed to your A&R date when you receive an email at your UMD email account stating your official time and date!

Once payment is received...

Fourth, check your UMD email and your Transition account regularly between now and your A&R date to receive updates, information and A&R next steps (where to arrive, park, UCard, etc...).

Questions or confused? Call us at 218-726-6393. We will be happy to guide you through any step of the process!

We encourage you to sign up now for the UCard's express option. You will pick up your UCard during your A&R session.

I signed up for A&R, what other items do I need to do before I start at UMD? Check out the Next Steps page.

Want to know what to expect at A&R? Check out this video!