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To achieve goals we must be able to combine outside evaluations and self assessments in a continuous cycle of evaluation.  The Anthropology ePortfolio was designed by the Anthropology Program faculty to help you evaluate your skills and the intellectual progress you have made during your time at UMD.  Feel free to consult with your advisor and the other Anthropology Program faculty for information and guidance.

The number of items we suggest you include in each skills area is a guideline.  Depending on your life or career goals you may need to attach more items to effectively demonstrate your level of achievement for a given skill.  For example, if you are interested in working in conflict resolution you may need to show your mastery of ethics across several areas.

Clear and effective writing is an important skill for you to develop.  Across the skills areas, you should practice writing in a variety of formats, for different types of purposes, and for diverse audiences.  You should have at least one example each of the following types of writing in your ePortfolio: descriptive, analytical, comparative, and persuasive (argumentative).


ePortfolio Information Includes

Professional Activities – Membership and Organizations

Professional Activities – Event Participation

Skills Area 1 - Knowing Yourself

Skills Area 2 - Communicating to a General Audience

Skills Area 3 - Communicating to a Policy or Decision making Audience

Skills Area 4 - Communicating to a Professional Audience

Skills Area 5 - Connecting Ideas and Theory

Skills Area 6 - Identifying Values and Using Ethical Guidelines

Skills Area 7 - Designing and Evaluating Research

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