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Department of English UMD College of Liberal Arts

Awards & Scholarships

  1. The purpose of these awards and scholarships is to recognize students who have done exemplary work as reflected not only in course grades, but also in the overall quality of contributions within the programs offered through the department.

  2. The Department of Sociology-Anthropology offers outstanding student awards each year to students in Department programs, accompanied by the offer of monetary stipends as follows:

    • Robert Franz Award in Sociology: $500

    • Walter Baeumler Award in Criminology: $300

    • Outstanding Student Award in Anthropology: $300

    • James L. Otto Memorial Scholarship to a student planning to pursue a career in law enforcement: $500

    • Beverly Ecklund Law Enforcement Scholarship to a female criminology major planning a career in policing: $500

    • Arthur Pulford Award in Criminology: $1,200

      The purpose of this award is to provide payments to full-time undergraduate students in Criminology at the University of Minnesota Duluth according to the following guidelines: (1) Students must be committed to the professionalization of criminal justice agency management and service delivery activities. (2) There must be evidence students understand and value a commitment to engaging in the career field in ways that include involvement in activities that attend to issues of inequality and justice. Students applying for this award (only) must include in their application a typewritten statement which indicates how they meet the above criteria.

  3. Awards will be presented at the annual College of Liberal Arts Spring Awards Reception

  4. Criteria:

    1. completion of at least 75 total credits by the end of the previous spring semester

    2. completion of at least 15 upper division credits in the major

    3. GPA of at least 3.2 in the major

  5. Application:

    Students wishing to be considered must complete the following application process:

    1. Write a 300 - 500-word (maximum) statement which explains how their discipline enriches their understanding of the world.

    2. Submit a clean copy (no instructor comments) of a paper completed for a class related to an issue in the program for which the award is being sought, OR write an original paper to accompany the application OR submit a project completed for a class in the program for which the award is being sought. (Check with department head for more details about this option.)

    3. Submit one letter from a UMD faculty member (or internship site supervisor) to support the application.

  6. Application forms and deadlines:

    1. The application form is available (in .PDF format) by clicking on this link: 2014 APPLICATION

    2. The application deadline for the awards for the 2013-14 Academic Year HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Friday, March 14, 2014

*The Sociology-Anthropology Department reserves the right not to make an award in any given year, based on the decision of the Awards Committee. A student may apply to be considered for more than one award, if s/he qualifies, although no one may receive more than one reward.