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Solar Power at Malosky Stadium

There are 28 Solar panels installed on the roof of the Griggs Field complex at the University of Minnesota - Duluth. The panel array has been operational since the Fall of 2008, providing a significant portion of the electrical needs of the Malosky Stadium building.
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Malosky Stadium

Solar Array: 28 Sharp Solar Modules rated 208 Watts each, for a total of 5,800 Watts of electric power capacity. The output is sent to an Inverter. More Information on Array

Inverter: A Sunny Boy 5 kW Grid-Connected Inverter, converts the Direct Current output of the Solar Array to Alternating Current for use in the Malosky Stadium building. More Information on Inverter

Weather Station: A weather station was installed on the roof to enhance the educational aspects of the solar project and also in anticipation of future research that might be conducted in the area of concentrated photovoltaic systems (CPV). Minnesota Power funded the purchase of the station through their Conservation Improvement Program. More Information on Weather Station

Array Info

Each panel, a Sharp ND-208U1F, is rated to produce 7 Amps of current at 29 Volts in full sunlight. This corresponds to 208 Watts of electric power, and the 28 panel array has a connected capacity of 5,824 Watts. The array is arranged in two parallel chains of 14 panels connected in series, to create a 400 Volt, 14 amp source. The output of the array is connected to an inverter that converts the direct current into alternating current for use in the building.

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The SMA Technologies SB-5000US Grid-Connected Inverter is rated for 5000 Watts of electric power output. The Inverter chops up the 400 Volt DC output of the solar array and creates a 277 Vrms AC waveform, synchronized to one of the phases of the 277/480 V building electrical system.

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Weather Station Info

The Weather Station consists of the following equipment:

Data is collected with a Campbell CR1000 Data Logger connected to a personal computer for web/data hosting. Weather Station