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Solar Research at UMD

Stage 0: Solar Education
This educational stage does not involve any research on solar technology. The goals of Stage 0 are:


Stage 1: Concentrated PhotoVoltaic Research
In Stage 1, three additional solar panels capable of tracking the sun will be added to the roof of the stadium. Two of the panels will have mirrored plastic film surrounding the solar cells to concentrate sunlight, doubling or quadrupling the effective surface area of the panel. The third panel will have solar cells without concentration as a control.

Research Questions:

This Stage, and any subsequent stages, is still seeking funding.

Stage 2: Combined Solar Thermal and Solar Electric
Stage 2 research would attempt to maximize both the light energy and heat energy in sunlight. A heat exchanger with either a glycol or phase change coolant is attached to the back of a 4X CPV panel. Optimum temperature for generating electricity in the solar panel would be maintained by the cooling system. In Summer, the excess heat is rejected to the outdoor environment. In Winter, the excess heat is released into the building through another heat exchanger.

Research Questions: