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SEM Action Plans

Action plans provide a macro-level accounting of the campus initiatives, outcomes, timelines, responsibility centers, and results supporting each enrollment goal.  The sub-steps required to achieve each action are not articulated within these documents but, rather, are within the purview of the offices and/or individuals listed as responsible for a given action.

Campus stakeholders are invited to contribute to achievement of UMD enrollment goals by identifying new actions that they or their collegial group will undertake in support of an enrollment goal. You may also contribute to actions already listed by contacting the office or individual listed as the responsibility center for that activity.

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Population &
Action Plan

New High School (NHS)

NHS Action Plan

The NHS action plan was last updated in August 2017. Action step updates will be provided annually

New Advanced Standing (NAS)

NAS Action Plan

The NAS action plan was last updated in September 2015. Action step updates will be provided annually.

Undergraduate Retention & Graduation

Student Retention

See Framework for Student Retention

See the 30-60-90 Roadmap for a "student edition" of a retention/graduation action plan.

Students of Color (SOC) NHS & NAS

SOC Action Plan

The SOC action plan was last updated in April 2016. 

International Students NHS & NAS

International Action Plan

The International action plan was last updated in February 2016.