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Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Subcommittee

As a subcommittee within UMD Governance, Strategic Enrollment Management serves as an advisory group to the Senior Leadership Council and the Strategic Planning & Budget Committee.  It is charged with discussing, recommending, and monitoring all aspects related to UMD’s enrollment management approach, including UMD’s future enrollment goals and strategies for achieving those goals. 

In order to arrive at its recommendations, the subcommittee will review and integrate information from multiple sources, including institutional data, external environment data, and stakeholder perspectives.  The subcommittee shall review and advise on strategic enrollment management issues, specifically to consider the integration of all programs, practices, policies, and planning related to achieving the optimal recruitment, retention, and graduation of students.

Find the Fall 2017 meeting schedule here.

2017-18 Membership:

Mary Keenan, assistant vice chancellor, Academic Affairs (SEM co-chair)  
Scott Schulz, director of recruitment, Admissions 
Brenda Herzig, director of Financial Aid 
Scott Carlson, CEHSP (2015-2018)
Sara Pitterle, LSBE (2016-2019), co-chair
Evan Brier, CLA (2017-2020) 
Scott Boyle, SFA (2016-2019) 
Marc Seigar, SCSE (2017-2018)
Karl Markgraf, EVCAA representative 
Jeremy Leiferman, VCSL representative
Susan Bosell, VCFO representative 
Susana Woodward, Chancellor's appointee for diversity and inclusion, VCSL representative 
Erik Brown, interim AVC for Graduate Education & Research 
Lynne Williams, director of External Affairs