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A partnership program between UMDSA and Yellow Door Taxi and Go Girl Taxi. Students are able to take Bulldog Taxi anywhere in Duluth, 365 days a year, at any hour, by showing the driver his/her UCard. Students will receive 50% off the total cab fare.

Yellow Door Taxi: 218-428-0911

Go Girl Taxi: 218-576-7697


The Legislative Relations Committee, or LRC, facilitates students to work with legislators at the local, state, and federal levels to pursue meaningful change pertaining to issues facing UMD students, such as higher education funding. LRC is an excellent opportunity for student leaders to become directly involved in the legislative process and familiarized with our governmental system.


MARC focuses on developing surveys, focus groups, and strategies for the UMD Student Association. We work closely with all committees, and our goal is to provide the best strategies and statistics to better understand the UMD student's.


SOG is a committee that is responsible for redistributing Student Service Fees to deserving student groups on campus. Our goal has been to continue to increase the amount we give as well as the number of groups we give to, and we have been successful in doing so.   Overall, the Student Organization Grants Committee hopes to provide student groups with the funding they need to achieve their goals, and get as much out of their experience at UMD as possible.


Senate is an advisory body made up of elected Senators from each campus of the University of Minnesota system. There are three different Senate bodies – Faculty Senate, Student Senate and University Senate, which meet once a month. Within Student Senate, there is a total of 50 Senators that represent their respective Colleges. UMD is made up of 6 senators; 2 SCSE, 1 CLA, 1 LSBE, 1 CEHSP, 1 SFA with the number of senators dependent on the size of the collegiate unit.


The Committee on Committees consists of the chairs of each of the congressional committees, as well as the Chair and Vice Chair of Congress. The Vice Chair of Congress oversees CoC and is responsible for running all meetings. CoC is responsible for interpreting the attendance policy, appointing members to the committee for the selection of a Representative to the Board of Regents, as well as all impeachment and other petitions pertaining to Congressional membership.


This committee is made up of 4 members and is responsible for the organization, supervision, and operation of all UMDSA elections and the rules of operation. The point of this committee is to help make sure elections run smoothly, and the bylaws/constitution is consistently updated.