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Najma Mohamed

Najma Mohamed

Professional title

Diversity & Inclusion Director


Najma grew up in multiple cities in the Twin Cities. Including Burnsville, Apple Valley, and Plymouth. Najma graduated from Apple Valley High school, while also attending The  School of Environmental Studies (called the Zoo school) in the afternoon. After graduating high school, Najma went to Mankato. Najma began her undergrad liberal ed courses there and transferred a semester later to Normandale Community College to continue her education. Najma spent a year working as a Senior Manager as the Operations Manager for SEARS, while attending classes at Normandale Community college. After a year, Najma transferred yet again to UMD where she continued her education. Najma is currently majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Organization Management. 

Outside of SA, Najma has been involved in number of student organizations in the Multicultural Center as either a member or leadership role. When Najma is not at a club meeting, she spends her time  working at the LSBE lab as an IT technician. She is also Residential Advisor for UMD housing in PQRS.  

 Since transferring to UMD, Najma wanted to become more involved in her school and community. She wanted  a role that would allow her to better the student body's experience by making a difference. While continuing her search and trying out different student organizations, Student Association caught her interest. It was the very platform she needed to start and just do what she had hoped to accomplish. Najma started her role in Student Association as the Vice chair of Congress. In the following election, Najma ran for the Diversity and Inclusion Director. This position was also another highlight in Najma’s career as a student, this position allowed her to organize events, take on issues around campus, and be voice for the student body, specifically be representative for the Multicultural Center. In addition to her position, she is also in the Student Life Committee which serves the very mission she is passionate about.

Aside from being rigorously involved in her school life, Najma enjoys going to the gym at the end of the day. As well as binge watching Netflix shows, and or catching up with friends.