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Rachael Nunemacher

Rachel Nunemacher

Professional title

SFA Senator


Rachael Nunemacher is from Saint Charles, Minnesota and has attended Rochester Community and Technical College as a PSEO student back in 2015-16, University of Minnesota Twin Cities 2016-2017, and then wound up at UMD in the Fall of 2018 as a Music Theory & Composition major, with an emphasis on songwriting and musical theatre. Her primary instruments are piano and voice, and she will be graduating in May 2020.
Student Association is the only organization she is involved with on campus. Rachael was not aware she was joining UMDSA at the time, and only realized it once she showed up and participated in her first congress. Rachael ended up loving Student Association and was really happy that she had found such a wonderful organization to participate in. Joining SA helped her find community outside of the music department at UMD. UMDSA helped her make new friendships and apply her passion for advocacy and the arts to bettering the School of Fine Arts. She currently sits on the Academic Affairs committee, and is spearheading an interview video series within the School of Fine Arts that showcases outstanding SFA students and faculty members with the hopes that the videos will be used to help increase enrollment within SFA and make UMD's School of Fine Arts the "destination arts school" within the midwest. 
Fun Facts:
- I have played piano for 14 years
- I don't know which star sign I am since my birthday lands on a weird date (January 20th) where some sources consider me a Capricorn, and some consider me an Aquarius. But I really don't care because I think astrology is irrelevant anyways.