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Move-In Day Message

Picture of the Mens Hockey sign holding signs with positive messages to welcome Freshmen to UMD
August 22, 2017

Good afternoon,

We want to sincerely thank everyone involved in making Bulldog Welcome Week memorable and successful. It takes a lot of coordination and your passion for UMD shines bright.  Thank you. 
There are a lot of ways in which our new students can engage and meet new friends. Our main priority is ensuring a safe environment for all students and being respectful of one another, including our community neighbors. 
We are disheartened by the actions of some of our students. It is important to note that while we support and respect the right to free speech, we do not condone the behaviors of those who choose to display vulgar signs to our incoming freshman and their families. This kind of behavior does not represent our values or the kind of institution we are. It is not ok to encourage illegal activity and sexual misconduct or to make the neighborhoods surrounding UMD unsafe and unwelcoming. This kind of behavior is not welcome at UMD.
Our UMD Strategic Plan Goal 2 states: "Create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice." In keeping with Goal 2, we ask our students, faculty, and staff to be mindful of their actions at all times. Act with respect and civility and be considerate of your neighbors. We ask all of you to help ensure that UMD continues to provide a safe and healthy environment that extends into our Duluth community.  

Lendley Black, Chancellor
Mike Kenyanya, Student Association President