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Bulldog Taxi

UMD, Duluth, MN

UMD students receive 50% off Yellow Door Taxi rides

Through our partnerships with local companies, UMD students receive 50% off taxi rides in Duluth.

Our Partners:

Yellow Door Taxi: 218-428-0911

Yellow Door Taxi operates 24/7.

How to use:

  1. Call Yellow Door to arrange pick up.
  2. Your driver arrives and takes you to your destination. Reminder: The longer you ride in the taxi, the higher the rate
  3. Show your UMD Student ID at the end of your ride to receive a 50% discount.


Tip according to full price and please be courteous to your driver. 


After the fare exceeds $30, the discount is no longer applicable.

Additional services: 

Yellow Door Taxi can shuttle furniture to your house/dorm for an extra $10. 

UMD Bulldog Taxi Director:

Contact Bulldog Taxi Director with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Alec Kemp