Gender & Sexual Violence

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University of Minnesota Policy Statement

As a University and as a community we strive to assure the safety and to respect the dignity of each student, staff, and faculty member. Sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking are prohibited at the University of Minnesota. Sexual assault and relationship violence, including threats of sexual assault and related relationship violence, are attacks not only on a person’s body, but also on the person’s dignity, and are not tolerated. To foster a community free from sexual assault and relationship violence, the University provides reporting options for responding, including the police department; victim/survivor assistance; internal mechanisms for discipline and dispute resolution; prevention training; and other related services.  

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Sexual assault is a violation of the University of Minnesota Student Conduct Code, Section VI., Subdivision 8 (Sexual Assault). An allegation of sexual assault is a serious violation. Should the complainant choose to file a report (whether or not he/she presses criminal charges), an investigation will be conducted by the UMD Title IX Investigator, University police, or local law enforcement. The University can pursue disciplinary action, even if criminal justice authorities choose not to prosecute.

The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution is responsible for investigating charges against students. The staff will send the respondent a notice of allegation letter requesting to schedule a meeting. The respondent will be treated fairly and given an opportunity to state their side of the story. The standard of proof used in all student conduct cases (including gender and sexual violence cases) is the “preponderance of evidence.” This means that students will be found in violation of University policy and/or the Student Conduct Code if it is more likely than not that the violation occurred. If found to be responsible, sanctions can be as serious as a suspension or a permanent expulsion from the University of Minnesota. The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution assures that all parties be granted and receive full due-process rights. For more information, contact The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution at (218) 726-7255.

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