Everyone Should Know

The DTA and Saturday Finals

Plan ahead for Saturday finals if you take the DTA to campus! Check schedules because the Saturday schedule may be different from the Monday-Friday schedule.


Great American Smoke Out

Thinking about quitting smoking? Please check out the information and smoking cessation resources that will be available at Kirby across from the Bookstore during the Great American Smoke-Out on November 17th from 10am-2pm. "Cold turkey" subs will be offered to anyone who hands in a pack of cigarettes in an effort to quit smoking. Check out the Breathfree UMD website for information on a new compliance strategy for the smoke-free policy at UMD, starting fall 2011.

Group Fitness

The group fitness program is for both the UMD and surrounding community. Recreational Sports Outdoor Program offers over 30 classes a week: yoga, toning, spinning, Pilates, pump and tone, stretch and aqua fit. There is most likely a class or two that fits your fitness level and interests! All of the instructors are nationally certified and highly motivated. Only $37 for remainder of the semester, or come to our front office at 153 SpHC for a one-session-free pass to give it a try.

November is National Career Development Month

Join Career Services in celebrating "Our Career Dreams". Stop into Solon Campus Center 22 throughout November to:

  • Add to our "Collaborative Dream Board" of Career Dreams
  • Enter in the drawing for cool gift card prizes
  • Learn more about all the services available to students

Visit us outside the Bookstore every Wednesday for trivia and free candy!

Career Development Day - November 16th - Cookies and cider in SCC 22

Social Media Job Hunting

Tuesday, November 15
4 to 5 pm, SCC 22

Learn how social media is changing the job search process. Discover tips on how to make a name for yourself in your future career before even leaving UMD.

Pick a Career Path & Job You'll LOVE! Webinar

Wednesday, November 16

Available online after 4 pm

Finding a new job or a new career has never been more challenging. And in an uncertain world, the tools to manage job and career change over the fifty year span of your career, are the most valuable skills you will every develop.

It may take years for you to decide whether your career choice has turned out to be a wise one. But your chances of satisfaction are better if you make the choice wisely. That means basing the choice and the planning that follows on good career information. This is important whether you're a young person just starting out, a person contemplating a midlife career change, or an older person planning for work in retirement.

The presenter will provide you the tools to determine which jobs and career paths will match your personality.

Working in GIS: Education, Degrees, Certifications, Internships

Thursday, November 17
3 pm, Kirby Rafters

A panel will provide information for students interested in careers in GIS. This panel is part of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day: "GIS in your Community" from 1 to 5 pm in Kirby Rafters. View the full presentation schedule.

Canoeing the Ozarks

March 9-18, 2012

Spring break in the Ozarks of Arkansas is warm and beautiful! Here is your chance to get away from winter and enjoy spring as it is emerging along the Buffalo River, a "National River" (a National Park that is a river). This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular rivers in the United States that some call a museum of natural history with a wide variety of mammals, plants, fish, birds, and spectacular geology. History buffs will also enjoy the human history, which includes Civil War skirmishes, old homesteads, and cemeteries.Hop in the canoes for a ride down the clear water of the Buffalo River. Early on, we'll pass by steep walls of rock over 500 feet and have some thrills of occasional small rapids. Campsites will be on gravel bars along the river. Side hikes to waterfalls, old homesteads, cemeteries, and overlooks will be included. Fun paddling, amazing scenery, short hikes, and new friends. What more could you ask for?

Depart: March 9, 4pm
Return: March 18, 6pm
We Provide: Transportation, Food, Group Equipment
You Provide: Personal Gear
Cost: $478 UMD Students/ $746 Others

If interested, contact Recreational Sports Outdoor Program at rsop@d.umn.edu

Southern California Surf & SUP Training Trip

March 10-18, 2012

Spend a solid week surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, beach combing and observing marine life. In So-Cal, surfing is built into the lifestyle. So much can be learned here. From our campsite at San Onofre State Park we can hit several surf breaks like the San-O Trails, Dog Patch, Old Mans, Churches, Middles, Cottons and other nice breaks in North San Diego County. We will watch the pros at Lower Trestles, visit the Surf Heritage Foundation, eat at the local hot spots and visit surf shops. In La Jolla we will paddle our SUPs with the leopard sharks, seals, garibaldi fish and other marine life.

Cost: $425 UMD Students/ $695 Others

If interested, contact Recreational Sports Outdoor Program at rsop@d.umn.edu

Student Organization Events

Interfaith Panel

Students Seeking Spirituality is hosting an Interfaith Panel on Monday November 14th, 2011 from 6p.m.-8p.m in the Kirby Rafters. They'll have several faiths represented, including, but not limited to: Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Hmong Shamanism, Mainline Protestant, Catholicism, Evangelical, Native faiths of the Dakota and the Dine, Buddhism, and Secular Humanism.

Students will be exploring their perspectives on spirituality from the frameworks of their practices. The event will be broken up into three segments, the first of which will be an introduction of the panelists. This will be followed by a question segment, where audience members are encouraged to ask questions of clarification and additional information that they desire to know about the practice. The last segment entails each panelist getting a section of the Rafters, so that audience members are able to have additional time to interact with the panelists and hopefully foster a discussion. There will be FREE pizza and drinks.

Penny Wars Drive

The Student Association and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee are working on a Penny Wars Drive for this week and into next week after. The event is a Boys vs. Girls event, and all the proceeds will be going towards underprivileged families for the Holidays.