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Supportive Services Program (SSP)
Training & Empowering Students

SSP Mission: Student Success Across the Grade Spectrum


SSP 3001: Preparation for Teaching Assistantship


1-2 credits (A/F), Spring Semesters
Students gain skills needed to develop and conduct effective small group learning experiences: communication processes, leadership styles and responsibilities, goal setting, social influences, developmental stages of groups, learning theories, and content as related to appropriate SSP skills course.

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
  • Supplemental Instruction Leaders
  • Connect Peer2Peer Transfer Student Mentors
  • Financial Literacy Peer Mentors

SSP 3002: Teaching Assistantship Practicum

1-2 credits (A/F), Fall & Spring Semesters, Prerequisite: SSP 3001
Students gain experience leading structured small groups in designated SSP courses or Supplemental Instruction sessions. Specific student responsibilities are outlined in a contract with the faculty supervisor.

SSP 3003: Tutor Training: Individualization of Instruction (TT)

2 credits (A/F)
TT is an introduction to contemporary learning theory and its application to one-on-one and small group learning situations (tutorials) with emphasis on philosophy, procedures, and practices known to be effective in improving learning. The class takes a threefold approach:

  • Introduce tutors to effective tutoring techniques based on educational research
  • Help tutors implement a variety of multi-sensory tutoring methods
  • Guide tutors through self-evaluation of their individual tutoring process and progress.

SSP 3004: Tutor Practicum

1-2 credits (A/F), Prerequisite: SSP 3003
Students participate in a supervised practicum leading one-on-one and small group tutorials. Tutor responsibilities outlined in contract with faculty supervisor.




SI format: weekly group study sessions facilitated by trained leaders who attend the class and work closely with course instructors. SI is a “free service” offered to all students in targeted, high-intensity courses; attendance is voluntary. Email instructor Patrick Eidsmo for more information on:

  • Benefits of attending SI sessions
  • How to become an SI leader
  • Faculty questions




SSP 1052: College Writing Strategies (CWS)


2 credits (A/F), meets 2hrs 1day/wk for full semester.
CWS provides an individualized approach to learning skills necessary for argumentative writing process, including development of individual writing process, organization of argumentative paragraph and essay, and beginning research/library skills.

SSP 1054: Learning Strategies

1 credit (A/F) meets MWF for half semester (register for either 1st or 2nd half)
Students broaden their understanding of time management, test taking, and critical reading, and learn expanded approaches to note taking. Peer Teaching Assistants lead small groups in class-related discussions and activities every week.

SSP 1101: Personal Development (PD)

2 credits (A/F)
PD is an exploration of the human personality and the impact of the environment on an individual's development. Lectures cover relationships, values, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communication. Weekly small groups, lead by peer Teaching Assistants, incorporate activites and discussion to support personal learning.




The Foundations Program is focused on incoming freshmen (CEHSP & CLA); assists students in developing: confidence in their learning ability, and mastery of foundational academic skills through collaborative learning networks.

  • Building strength in academic skills
  • Taking courses which apply toward your degree
  • Gaining leadership experience
  • Connecting with campus

Sponsored by a Chancellor's Cabinet Strategic Initiative Learning Grant. Email instructor Matt Jackson for more information.




KAML 119 is located on the first floor of the Kathryn A. Martin Library

KAML 119


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