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CourseCourse TitleSemester Credits
Econ 1003Economics and Society3
Econ 1022Principles of Economics: Macro3
Econ 1023Principles of Economics: Micro3
Engl 1001Great American Authors3
Engl 157520th-Century Literature4
Engl 1907Introduction to Literature3
Geog 1202World Regional Geography3
Geog 1304Human Geography3
Geog 1414Physical Geography4
Ger 1201Intermediate German I4
Ger 1202Intermediate German II4
Hist 1200World History to 15004
Hist 1207Dawn of Modern Europe4
Hist 1208Europe in the Modern Age4
Hist 1304US History Part 1: 1607-18774
Hist 1305US History Part 2: 1865 - Present4
Hist 1400Modern World History from 1500 to present4
Hlth 1104Health Science Terminology3
Math 1296Calculus I *5
Mu 1001Introduction to Music3
PE 1600Physical Fitness1
PE 1616Weight Training1
Phys 1001Introduction to Physics5
Soc 1101Introduction to Sociology4
Span 1201Intermediate Spanish I4
Span 1202Intermediate Spanish II4
Theatre 1001Introduction to Theatre Arts3
Writ 1120College Writing3

* This course is typically offered as an all-year course.

If your school wants to offer a course that is not listed above, please contact Barb Perushek.