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Our Mission 

A division of International Programs & Services, UMD Study Abroad is the leader for the university’s study and student exchange programs. We provide short-term, semester-long, and academic-year international learning experiences in support of UMD’s commitment to global engagement and internationalization. Through our programs, students will build new life skills and be better prepared for their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

Study Abroad student learning outcomes 

By participating in a UMD supported study abroad program students will:

  • Demonstrate self-confidence towards cultural experiences
  • Demonstrate awareness of one's own cultural values and biases
  • Demonstrate a global mindset and appreciation for cultural differences

Our office will:

  • Provide professional expertise in international program development and administration
  • Offer, monitor, and continuously improve a range of program options in the major regions of the world
  • Develop international programs that are socially and fiscally responsible
  • Create, monitor, and continuously improve programs to support learning goals and strategic plan of UMD

About UMD Study Abroad 

Our office is the University of Minnesota Duluth’s comprehensive resource for international study, service-learning, research, work, internship, volunteer and travel experiences. We are a leader in providing innovative international learning experiences that expand and redefine the world for a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff. We offer a full range of advising and support services to students on topics such as: 

  • Program selection
  • Academic planning
  • Financial and travel planning
  • Registration
  • Health and safety
  • Culture and cultural adjustment

A variety of program options have been developed to address the diverse needs of students. Programs vary in length, academic focus, teaching format, language requirements, cost, and degree of independence required of the participant.  

Our office works with many departments, administrative offices, and other units within the University to provide study abroad options all majors and minors, and to help students earn credit toward their degrees. With advanced planning, students in any undergraduate major can study abroad and fulfill degree requirements.

Give to UMD Study Abroad

Consider donating to the UMD Study Abroad Program Fund! This fund provides scholarships and aid to support students, faculty, and staff to obtain an international experience through study abroad programs offered at UMD.