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Study Abroad Student Learning Outcomes

Study Abroad Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the study abroad, program students will:

1) Demonstrate self-confidence toward cultural experiences

  1. Feel confident in interacting with people from another culture who hold different interests, values, or perspectives.
  2. Feel comfortable having intellectual discussions about international issues with family, friends, or classmates.
  3. Confidently relate their cultural experiences to an academic major(s).
  4. Know how to effectively explain how cultural experiences relate to job-related skills.
  5. Succeed in traveling to or living in this country for a future job if necessary.

2) Demonstrate awareness of one's own cultural values and biases

  1. Understand how cultural values impact views.
  2. Learn how culture could bias thinking about other people, places, and things.
  3. Reflect upon cultural values and how they shape thoughts and behaviors.
  4. Realize how culture can influence ways of thinking.

3) Demonstrate a global mindset and appreciation for cultural differences

  1. Learn what being a “global citizen” means in a meaningful way.
  2. Know the importance of understanding global perspectives.
  3. Learn about the host country’s culture from their perspectives.
  4. Understand how decisions and behaviors could be perceived by individuals from another country.
  5. Reflect on how a study abroad experience can broaden ways of thinking about other people, places, and things.