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Becca Munson

Study Abroad Peer Advisor - Rebecca Munson

Professional title

Study Abroad Peer Advisor


Becca is a senior at UMD and just declared a major in Linguistics with a minor in International Studies. She spent her junior year studying abroad in Umeå, Sweden. Throughout the year she visited 13 countries and made countless new friendships with people from all around the world. Becca has been bitten by the travel bug and loves to help others experience the wonders of traveling. When not working or studying, Becca can be found volunteering with Gamma Sigma Sigma, at the gym, hunting for agates along the north shore, or hanging out with friends.

Most memorable view during your study abroad experience?
My most memorable view was when my plane landed in Umeå. It reminded me of Duluth with all of the trees right along the small runway. It amazed me how similar things could feel to home even when I am 4,000 miles away and on a different continent.

What makes you happy?
Crisp fall days, a good book, lattes, new experiences and adventures, and my friends.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Knowing that there is coffee in the kitchen to get me ready for the day.

Best advice to future study abroad student?
Do it! If you aren’t sure you want to study abroad? Do it. Thinking about going for a full year? Do it. Want to travel while you are studying abroad? Do it. Push yourself just a little bit and be amazed and what you learn about the world and yourself.