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Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

UMD Study Abroad students in Peru

UMD Study Abroad students participating in the "Peru's Food Movement" short-term program.

Leading a program abroad is both a challenging and rewarding experience! Successful international short-term programs are a result of a collaborative effort between the program leader, International Programs & Services (IPS), collegiate units, and departments. We find that students choose short-term programs as a way to incorporate study abroad without altering academic, professional, and personal responsibilities during their college career.


Our staff will support you in planning a faculty-led program abroad:

  • Program development support
  • Selecting a provider/partner for on-site services
  • Budgeting & setting the program fee
  • Marketing (web, digital, & print)
  • Student application process
  • Student orientation topics, resources, & support
  • Course set-up and student registration
  • Health, safety, and risk management training and planning

Develop a faculty-led program with our office

  • Review the Faculty-Led Program Leader Handbook.
  • Review the Program Leader Checklist to facilitate timely proposal and promotion of your program.
  • Discuss your program idea with IPS and identify areas where you have questions or need support.
  • Work with IPS to choose a provider/partner to assist you with on-site logistics. Your on-site provider can also serve as a "second program leader". This fulfills the UMN Education Abroad policy which can lower the program fee (details below).
  • Conduct a site visit to become familiar with your program location, on-site partner, and to perform a "test run" of your program. Funding is available through the University of Minnesota. Additionally, study abroad program providers and universities can assist with planning a site visit. They may also have funding and resources available.
  • Complete the Faculty-Led Program Proposal then submit it (and all accompanying documentation and signatures in hard or electronic copy) by November 1 to IPS at 138 Kirby Plaza.
  • Sign up to attend one of the "New Study Abroad Program Leader" workshops:
  • 19-20 workshops TBD

IPS and the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Council review proposals. Program approval is competitive because of limited resources. IPS strives to offer a diverse portfolio of programs each year.


Program Providers & Partners

Short-term programs must work with a program provider or partner. These providers/partners provide on-site services, expertise, logistical arrangements, and on-site risk management support. Providers/partners can also serve as a second program leader, which adheres to the UMN Education Abroad Policy.

IPS has existing affiliate study abroad program providers. Explore their custom programming options:

Provider Criteria

Providers should be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of and experience in the location(s) to be visited
  • Ability to provide expertise, suggestions, and/or guest lecturer(s) for the academic area of your course and on-site activities
  • The reputation of services as evidenced by recommendations from other educational institutions
  • Understanding of U.S. safety protocols and the ability to provide safety and security guidance to participants
  • Transparency in financial arrangements with the campus
  • Disclosure of relationships with campus staff to avoid conflicts of interests and ethics violations
  • Cost—recognizing that factors such as experience, expertise, and the provision of appropriate lodging, meals, safe transportation, etc., are often more important than lower cost


Lyndsey Andersen
Associate Director, Study Abroad