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Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Most financial aid at UMD can be used to pay for your study abroad experience.

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Consult with OneStop to see how financial aid can apply to your study abroad experience. They will be able to guide you with money matters and give you estimates and budget samples. Walk-in counseling is available to figure out when and how aid is disbursed, as well as scholarship opportunities and loan information.

Winter Break is considered part of spring semester in determining financial aid. If you are participating in a May or Summer program, you must take at least 6 credits total for financial aid to apply. That is to say, if you participate in a 3-credit May program, you will have to take a 3-credit summer class in order to be considered for financial aid. (Some students will enroll in another course, or take an online course to fulfill this.) Visit the Office of Financial Aid’s Study Abroad Page for detailed information.

View our scholarship page for more resources. Note: Tuition waivers do not apply to study abroad programs.

Download this Financial Aid handout for further information.