2018 May & Summer Study Abroad Programs

May & Summer 2018 Study Abroad Programs
April 25, 2017

Interested in studying abroad next May or Summer session in 2018? We've just announced our programs! 

Where do you see yourself next summer?

We’re excited to share our list of 2018 May & Summer short-term programs. We’re open all summer so feel free to stop by our office any time to learn more. It's never too early to start planning!

2018 May & Summer Short-term Programs

  • AUSTRALIA (LSBE) - International Business Down Under 
  • BAHAMAS (SCSE) - Coral Reef Studies in the Bahamas
  • CANADA (LSBE) - Canada’s Health & Healthcare
  • CHINA (LSBE) - Business & Economics in China
  • COSTA RICA (CLA) - Costa Rica: Global Surf Culture
  • ENGLAND (CLA) - Shakespeare in England
  • FINLAND (CEHSP) - Finland: Forests & National Parks
  • GERMANY (CLA) - Language & Culture in Germany
  • IRELAND (LSBE) - Innovation in Ireland
  • INDIA (CLA) - Community Empowerment in South India
  • ITALY (CEHSP) - Community Health History in Italy
  • SPAIN (CLA) - Language & Culture in Spain
  • SWEDEN & DENMARK (SFA) - Nordic Art & Design

Participating in a short-term program is a great way to fit in study abroad during your college career. These courses are anywhere from 3–6 weeks long and offer 3-6 credits in a particular subject area. UMD Faculty members will teach the course and you will travel with a group of UMD students. Most programs are open to anyone, but be sure to look at any pre-reqs for the course.

Scholarships are available and financial aid is applicable (as long as you take 6 credits over the May/Summer session.)

Interested? Check out more program info using the links above otherwise stop by our office—or better yet—contact the program leaders directly. They're more than happy to tell you all about next year's exciting programs!