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Prep & Planning

Prep & Planning

Prior to travel, the most important items to complete related to your health, safety and security are:

Travel Clinics

Family physicians typically do not have the necessary background to provide travel information, since travel medicine is a specialized field. A travel specialist is trained to consider your health history, current medications, and drug allergies in concurrence with your travel plans when recommending immunizations and other medications.

Find a travel clinic and make the necessary appointments in time to complete any recommended immunization series. Many travel clinics will schedule appointments far in advance (especially around the holidays), as some immunizations need to be started months in advance of your departure. Call to make your appointment at least 3 months before your departure date.

Consult your U.S. health insurance provider to identify a travel clinic. This allows you to fully understand coverage, if any, for your time abroad.

Note: travel clinic treatments are often not covered in U.S. insurance plans.

Travel Clinics in the Duluth Area

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