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The bi-annual UMD Sustainability Fair highlights the progress of sustainability actions and efforts within our community.

Spring 2012 Sustainability Fair:
International Sustainable Development and Connections to Duluth

What: Spring 2012 UMD Sustainability Fair
When: Events from April 16 - 20
Where: UMD: Library Rotunda and Kirby Student Center

Sustainability is the balance achieved when a society is able to provide for its own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. The Spring 2012 UMD Sustainability Fair will feature a number of engaging presentations about international sustainable development, while also highlighting connections the Duluth community. Presentation topics currently include:

Presentations and Activities

International Land Management and Sustainability

Presenter: Ken Gilbertson, Associate Professor, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Master of Environmental Education faculty
11 am - Monday, April 16: Library Rotunda

Dr. Ken Gilbertson has studied sustainability of protected nature areas in Costa Rica, New Zealand, and extensively in Finland. Ken will present what he has learned about sustainability in Finland and how that can be used in education for sustainability.

Nature Based Outdoor Recreation and Sustainability (aka Friluftsliv och HÃ¥llbarhet!)

Presenter: Tom Beery, Assistant Professor in Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Master of Environmental Education faculty
12 pm - Monday, April 16: Library Rotunda

Is there a "happy path" to sustainability? What is the link between nature-based outdoor recreation and sustainable behaviors? These question will be explored based on Dr. Beery's research in Sweden as part of the Outdoor Recreation in Change national research program. In addition, a review of current relevant research in environmental behavior will assist in presenting an important direction for sustainability research.

Getting Ready for the Future: Adapting to a Changing Climate in the Great Lakes Region

Presenter: Diane Desotelle, Climate Extension Educator with Minnesota Sea Grant
11 am - Tuesday, April 17: Library Rotunda

Current trends in our northeast Minnesota climate have brought us warmer nights and winters, larger storms, less ice cover on lakes, and warmer water temperatures. While many efforts focus on the causes of these changes in order to mitigate for the trend, it's very important to consider how we can adapt to changes currently underway. This presentation will focus on trends of climate change in this region as well as steps our communities can take and what we can do at home to be better prepared for these changes.

The Duluth Climate Idols Project

Presenter: Liz Taylor, Duluth Sister Cities International
12 pm -Tuesday, April 17: Library Rotunda

Learn how three Duluth families were challenged to reduce their ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions during 2011. The Climate Idol families were challenged in 4 areas: Energy, Transportation,Food and Lifestyle. All four challenges were based on three steps: getting knowledge of the topic, making a survey of the current situation, and finally making a change. Learn how they met these challenges and what you can do to lessen your ecological footprint.

UMD Prepares: Rising Risks and Opportunities in Minnesota's Energy Enterprise

Presenter: Bill Mittlefehldt, Northeast Region Coordinator with MN Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)
1 pm - Tuesday, April 17: Library Rotunda

UMD students confront a number of challenges. Minnesota imports 85% of our energy, and 38% of that is used in building while 34% is used in transportation. These numbers generate risks and opportunities. At UMD you may develop the capacity and collaborative skills to cope with these challenges.

Bitter Tears: Poaching of Endangered Primates in African Tropical Rainforests

Presenter: Eddy and Co.
2 pm - Wednesday, April 18: Kirby Lounge

Through a theatrical presentation, learn about the issues of poaching, poverty and deforestation in the tropical rainforest of western Africa. This presentation will also focus on a discussion of how to use theater, song and story-telling as teaching and engagement tools for educating about sustainability.

Sustainability Displays: UMD and Community Organizations tabling in Kirby Student Center

Various campus and community groups
10 am-2 pm - Thursday, April 19: Kirby Student Center

Swedish Oro (Togetherness Crowns) Community Art Making Event

Music by Rachael Kilgour at 10:30 and 12:30
10 am-2 pm - Thursday, April 19: Kirby Bus Hub

Sustainability Fair Schedule

Monday, April 16

Tuesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 18

Thursday, April 18

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